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The Turning Tide

We don’t need commercial airlines. We don’t need a federal government. We don’t need fiat currencies, and we don’t need borders. All of these centralized power institutions have failed. We’ve been handed down rampant and widespread systemic dysfunction. We can make something new, can’t we? What kind of world are you actually envisioning to live in and contribute to?

Protests will achieve exactly nothing. Nor will voting in a “snap election”. This agenda is full steam ahead! Masking, distancing and vaccinating will also achieve nothing, except signaling your complicity in mob morality, while further dividing families and an already fragmented society. Engage your adult mind and think about what you’re doing.

Conformity is the “we’re all in this together” lullaby for the mesmerized masses sitting in a decaying common pool of mind control. For five minutes it looks like a superhighway and then you’re in a blind alley at midnight up against a brick wall.
Who is this WE? What is the THIS in which we’re all together? Answer: The WE is rubber-stamped copies of humans that individuals pretend to be, and the THIS is a vapor of spiritual and energetic sedation.

Many are working now and waiting eagerly to build and develop alternatives to this failing state rubbish. Think outside the box.

Being a “proud (insert state here)” is a thing of the past. Clearly. It was a grand illusion sold to a bewildered, wartime generation. Whatever good may have been achieved has since been steadily eroded. Adherence to statist philosophy is largely based on historical ignorance. You don’t know what you don’t know about what really happened in the past. You believe in something taught and conditioned into you. But is any of it true? Maybe we can salvage something of the ways that got us here, but I’d argue it’s unlikely. When both elected and appointed leaders can flat-out lie (by omission, by choice, or by extrinsic, political coercion) without impunity, we have nothing of integrity with which to build in that arena.

Do not subscribe to the fear campaign. Stop believing in the limits imposed by commerce by default. Ask yourself why it’s necessary to force a medical procedure proven dangerous and wildly ineffective upon the population – especially your children.

Why are they always after our children?

Cui bono?