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Tag: personal development


In my experience as an editor for film and video, a common problem is having enough raw content with which to create something of substance, flow, and meaning. So much is decided in fragments of seconds, very often in only one or two frames, that we can easily run out of useable material.

Change, or Die

Life, is change. It is inevitable. If that’s a stressful idea, fraught with anxiety, it’s attached to some notion that anything in this place is anything but transient. You will “die”, so get on with living.

Spontaneous Combustion

There is a process we inevitably go through when we’re working to get to our deepest, authentic truth; to unravel and undo, unlearn and unburden our spirits from the weight of conditioning — or the lies, limits, and soul-stifling ideas introduced through socialization.

Our Art

This blog — my arena of philosophical, spiritual, musical, and creative exploration — like me, is ever-changing. Last May, I decided to wipe it clean and start fresh.