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Duality of Humanity

The Rules of the Realm

We live in a realm where the worst of us can explore, experiment, and express their worst traits and character weaknesses — on themselves or, more often, on others. In fact, the only kind of “sin” that exists is that which occurs between humans. You may believe in and be concerned about concepts such as karma, soul contracts, and other ephemeral ways to attach yourself to others, but those who adopt and live by dark elements almost certainly do not.

Does that imply that these things don’t exist? Think about it. Thought is the source of creation. Repeated thought generates belief. Belief influences our actions. The important thing to remember is that these concepts are all man-made and thus subject to the rules of the realm.

We can, of course, embody and exercise our lightness, goodness, righteousness, limitless love, and desire to live in harmony. Believe it or not, that is permissible and would likely be our preferred way of life, made much more likely if we made a consistent effort to act consciously — as our true selves — at all times. Unfortunately, we don’t. Why? We are programmed out of it from the moment we are born until the day we die. We consciously or unconsciously accept completely fabricated and artificial offers and agreements, and we wonder why happiness and ecstasy elude us year after year.

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There are numerous programs and layers of conditions, offers, and agreements that are actively maintained throughout our collective. More recently, modern progressive ideologies are parasitic shadows masquerading as legitimate concerns, and their messaging is constantly blaming the “lowly human” for all of the world’s woes. It is always our fault. They’ve infiltrated beloved franchises, education, government, and corporate boardrooms, then proceeded to malign and repurpose them from within. It is corrupt and ritualistic, but it works. “The better world” is then sold back to us in distorted, unnatural, artificial, and superficial forms, promoted everywhere you look by influencers, advertising and public relations firms, virtue signaling puppet politicians, self-help billionaires, and aggressively pushed in a sea of formula-driven TV shows and films.

But, again, it’s all man-made, and subject to the rules of the realm.

So what are the rules? In general, our reality is based on cause and effect, and if can happen, it will. For the most part, we live and abide by a strictly linear existence. That’s how we perceive it. That’s the simplest way to express the concept, and it’s easily visible all around us, in any family, culture, language, or way that humans interact with one another.

The critical aspect is scale.

History Revised

Individually, the more we maintain a victim mindset, the more we act in ways that reinforce and confirm that reality. Guilt and shame are always the most powerful aspects of victim programming. We may inadvertently spend our entire lives in this manner, and whatever goes wrong is always someone’s or something else’s fault. However, the more we exercise our creative nature by sitting and meditating in silence, thinking outside the box, and expressing our uniqueness, the more we will create and generate a reality that affirms and confirms that behavior. Most everything in life is an offer of some kind. It is our responsibility to consider them carefully, and to always remember the nature of the game.

On a grand scale, those who are most aware of privileged information and historical records, as well as those who have the most influence over how the general public receives their stories, news, information, education, and entertainment, wield enormous power to sway the generally asleep-at-the-wheel masses in ways that suit their interests. You might think that it takes far too many people to be “in on it” to pull these things off (hello, NASA), but this is not the case. When you can perpetuate a predictable amount of ignorance and confusion throughout the collective, enforced not only by rewarding complacent and compliant behavior and awarding and praising the best deceivers, but also by repeated and periodic traumatic experiences (all scripted and staged), you ensure that psychological limitations are hardwired into our makeup and that we teach and enforce that same ignorance to others. It is uncommon to question the status quo. The social engineering is so powerful that we have no idea what we don’t know, nor do we understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, saying what we’re saying, and acting the way we do.

Years, decades, and even generations will pass in this way. No one is spared, and nothing improves — or, if it does, only a few things need to be orchestrated to reset, reverse, and undo any meaningful progress that a single generation may have made — or, what progress means and what should be of utmost importance are simply replaced and subsumed by some fresh new divisive and polarizing ideological nonsense that, once again, pits us against one another. The cards most often played are catastrophe, war, and racism, but in today’s arena, we get some truly ridiculous programs such as climate alarmism, trans and gender politics, social justice worship, and the massive steaming pile of shit known as woke. The events of 2020 and in the years since have proven outright how easily a populace can be driven to widespread hysteria and utterly childish, mindless, self-destructive, and violent behavior.

They made a terrible offer, and far too many people were willing, or too easily coerced, to accept it.

The narratives are controlled, and only the history that has been selected and curated is taught to generations of students, while any evidence and those who know the true history are systematically forgotten, disparaged, censored, or completely erased. Naturally, this applies to virtually every industry and institution. The worst and arguably most corrupt examples of the past century are the industrial complexes of medicine, military, and finance, which emerged powerfully from the rubble of the early twentieth century and capitalized on the most recent great reset.

We can do little, if anything, to change the course of civilization. In truth, that was never our concern, despite the fact that experts, pundits, influencers, politicians, and religious leaders would claim that we are here to “make a better world for our children,” a sentiment that is as cliched, meaningless, and old as time. Dramatic and grandiose prognostications are their own form of mind control, serving only to make us feel insignificant, powerless, and our actions meaningless. It’s just another layer of programming in which we can choose to participate or not.

Our greatest strength lies within ourselves, in our hearts, minds, and spirits. Regardless of what is going on in the world, what is most important, and where we are most effective, is in our community, backyard, and home. The same rules apply.

Solvitur ambulando