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Tag: social equality

Man v Woman: Reconciling the Masculine/Feminine Dichotomy

I am sorry. For what it’s worth, I apologize to all women for the ways in which this world has been designed to cause you suffering from the moment you are born. Even institutionalized childbirth is a distortion of the beautiful, simple, sacred, and natural. Man v Woman is just one chapter in a vast, dark, and dysfunctional historical narrative. I, like all men, have suffered greatly as a result of it, though few would admit it or realize how deep the wound is for all of us.

In Love/Hate with the Modern World

It starts from the top. That is something we all know. We don’t know who is truly at the top; it certainly isn’t a president, prime minister, or pope. Oligarchs? Clever (but evil) aliens? Stonecutters? Regardless, our modern world is based on power hierarchies, particularly in government, industry, commerce, education, science, and religion, all of which are heavily influenced by the capitalist market system. The system is clearly flawed, which is not surprising to most of us.