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Visions and Oracles II

“All great souls are true to their vision. Everything brought forth was first a vision, a seed idea planted in the soul, then allowed to expand and come forth. These souls never allow the unbelief of others to influence them. They are willing to sacrifice for their vision, they are true to it, they believe in it, and it is to them as they believe.” ~ LTMFE, Vol 1

I think the idea of “vision” needs examining and expansion. There are two ways that come to mind in which these ideals emerge in our lives, and it’s worth contemplating.

In one light, it may be clear right from the get-go that this is your mission, this is what you’re building toward, and this is the ultimate end. You face resistance at every turn, criticism, setbacks, and fail or suffer defeat repeatedly. But, you prevail—or, you die trying.

In the other, which is my story (though I’ve tried to be the former), you have a general sense and intuition about your truest aspirations. You want to be of service, but it isn’t exactly clear as to how. You try many outlets for creativity, finding deep fulfilment in sporadic successes, yet remain open, curious, learning and honing in on the vision throughout your life. You are frequently wrestling with obtaining some semblance of normalcy and stability in life, yet for the most part, it never quite clicks. You have vast stores of creative power, and it often gets you in trouble emotionally.

Eventually, you discover the “why” behind the constant delays, deferrals and procrastination—in relationships, vocations and careers; underneath it all, there is a guiding influence—a vision—that has had a hand in every choice you’ve made (and, somehow, the right books, people, films, songs and synchronicities are ever-present along the way).

It’s a struggle with a thousand cuts, bumps and bruises. One would expect that after so many so-called bad, wrong, half-hearted and soft choices (and the ensuing drama, trauma and recovery), one would get to be hardened, resolved, and calloused enough to finally stand up for their truth.

But, that’s not it at all. Once the traumas are addressed, the strength of the vision claims its rightful place, front and center; we become more of who it is we’ve always intended to be.

It’s the classic “late bloomer” concept, by our society’s definitions. It is also the approach derived of a feminine energy; patient, resilient, compassionate and considerate. The other certainly embodies our typical bent towards the masculine; pushing, producing, overcoming, achieving, controlling, and getting shit done.

My point is that in both scenarios, you are holding steadfast to your vision—whether it’s out in the open, or developing over time from within. Both have their challenges. Both have their rewards.

Both have a righteousness, and serve us quite well.

Know thyself. Walk on.

Solvitur ambulando