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Recognize Your Power

You have the ability to keep yourself small, afraid, stuck, and an actual victim of your reality—your circumstances. Amazing, isn’t it?

You, an energetic confluence of the diverse constituents that hold together this universe—a co-creator with All That Is—can choose to ignore all of that and compress a limitless consciousness into a trembling mass of nerves, waiting for the next thing to come along and prove just how shitty life can be.

Look around, and all of your popular books, TV shows, films, news media and social circles prove it, too; the world is violent, unfair, sick, weak, melting, freezing, about to be destroyed, about to be invaded, needs more and more weapons and armies, needs artificial borders, doesn’t exist without money… and you, the individual, is the only thing that matters (and, you need to be saved from yourself). What a load of bullshit.

The worst of the worst get TV specials and movies made about them. Yet, energy healers, intuitives, empaths, witches, defenders of the earth, animal whisperers, astral travelers, the gentle, kind, considerate and compassionate are ridiculed. Please don’t be such a small-minded coward.

The point is, the dream may have too tight a grip on your perception. Shake it up. Most people are interesting, creative, caring and amazing. Most of us want just what you want. Everyone flourishes in a space of love. Do what you can to create more of that in your life, and in the world.

Help is all around, and the answers are always within. Just ask. And learn to listen.

Solvitur ambulando

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