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Sensitivity, like vulnerability, is not a weakness.

As a man, being sensitive, kind, considerate, accommodating and doting may get you labeled a pussy. That’s a fact, and it’s a shame, but old paradigms die hard. However, it doesn’t necessarily license us to use sensitivity as a crutch, nor a weapon.

The HSP has always existed in our species. Many geniuses throughout history were highly sensitive people, and many more suffered dearly because of it — and still do.

Yet, as with any of the myriad remarkable and powerful capabilities of these funtastic human meat suits, it behooves us to embrace and integrate our sensitivities. We were born with them — even if society, or industry, or institutions cannot abide them.

Each of us, with our unique perception and fingerprint in this reality, offers a gift to the collective.

It may take years of hiding, seeking, honing, discovering, bumping into things and breaking down barriers, preconceptions and beliefs. Inevitably, hopefully, we arrive at the point past the need to fix it; acceptance is empowering as allowance enables restorative, creative flow to infuse our inherent capacities. We can conform or reform.

Alternatively, the world and the people around us, are a perpetual threat — to our cognition, our emotions and the momentum of our purpose in this life.

Be empathic and compassionate. Reserve judgment, take a breath and look again — both within, and without. This chaotic place tends to make us our own worst enemies, and it doesn’t serve us.

You matter.

Solvitur ambulando

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