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Chasing Storms

Down at the end of Lavender Road, in the district of Lantzville, there’s a beach access that I like to visit. The small parking lot is right at the seashore, and provides a great view of the sea. Today, it’s featuring heavy rain, a high tide, and some moody looking clouds.

I’m catching up on a few podcasts, while formulating thoughts around an (other) article I’d like to write. I didn’t sleep well last night, still getting over a cold, so I’m nodding off once in a while. The rain is meditative, as are the crashing waves.

I’m grateful to be living an island life, though now moved in to my fifth home this year, it’s been a weird, unsettling 2020, to say the least. Everywhere you go, there’s paranoia, sanitation, isolation, and separation. Reality has been distorted to a new degree, and it’s exhausting. But there are many flickers and sparkles and beams of light, everywhere.

This moment will pass, and I hope we’re ready to move forward and upward, away from domination and suppression, toward self-governing and communal reconstruction, based on non-aggression principles. “For the greater good” has become a weaponized, economically and socially destructive sentiment. We are better and greater than that. We need now to step into the truth of our deeper knowing, and to act from a place of unified perspective.

“It’s all connected.” Quite true, and it’s a great idea, but how is this truism being applied in your life? Your career, school, community, business, and family? The world around us has been calibrated toward aggression, polarity, and us-versus-them. That’s not necessarily an easy thing to overcome, to transcend, after millennia of the same stories playing out, cycled and recycled time and time again.

And when the power-hungry are engaged in full-on takeover mode, it’s even harder. The difference is, they’re only capable of two-dimensional thinking and action. The rest of us, who can see through and beyond all their noise, are far more interesting and capable, if only we’d choose to assume it.

Solvitur ambulando