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dirty hands

you may not always be aware of it, but all you put your genuine effort into is laying the stones on the path to desires and preference – or even your soul work.

whether it’s pushing you to the limits of frustration, or it’s mundane, predictable rigmarole, or repetitive and empty, its purpose is always to realign with and engage the flow.

you will either crash through walls and barriers, eventually left with no other option but to dare greatly toward your path, or pick up skills and confidence that enlighten and invite clarity – and attract opportunities that lead back to the real you.

it’s only our imagination and attachment to fixed moments or ideas that define the asphyxiating bubble around us. we can and will burst it, time and time again, as we connect to our authentic stream and broader consciousness.

we also can’t see past the mirror until we’re ready to see through it.

look again. reframe it. struggle and resistance is a choice.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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