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Tag: presence

Savor the Moment

In all we venture out to do in a lifetime, we will stray time and again away from our original substance. We do this to add color to the annals of timeless memory, and to explore nuances, themes, emotions, and the many aspects of the human experience.

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To Be Transcendent

There is an idea in the new thought era that speaks to the concept of following your heart. What we desire is perfect and unique to us, and this statement and idea is quite often misused and abused by the new-age-minded crowd.

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Spreading the Love

It’s an odd idea, this spreading the message of love. Love is a given. Love is eternal, beyond mind, outside of quantification and qualification. So, what are we really trying to spread?

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The All that Remains

Let every judgment come forth to be exposed by the light of conscious awareness. By its release, deconstruction, clearing, and complete transmutation, all remnants, related roots, and webs of unnatural energies, are summarily discharged, uncoupled, removed, and rendered inert.

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Relationships in our society really do have all the odds stacked against them: Religion and spirituality, finances, education, career, emotional intelligence, values and priorities, sex,…

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