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The Big Bang: Silent, Ultraviolent

Friday, April 4th, 2014

standing on a waterfallas i ponder all the ideas, insights, information and inanities that have come across my path, and integrate knowings and intuitions i’ve always had, i find a perspective that seems to make sense of the “big bang theory” in terms of metaphysics, spirituality, and logic.

if at first, there is the One, that cannot know itself, remains stubbornly indivisible, and thus cannot have a mirror, then the instant the One decides to know itself, All-That-Is must be defined, and the hierarchy begins. consciousness expands, yet remains, ultimately, within everything…

now, given that All-That-Is must also define All-That-Isn’t (ie. duality), one can quickly imagine the infinite, explosive, exponential expansion required as a universe is born, or rather, a multi-verse, and infinite dimensions, and infinite realities – essentially, the “Big Bang”, as it were.

our current, physical, human understandings limit us in perception and perspective – for practicality’s sake one would assume – and thus if we have to theorize upon the nature of the universe, as we observe and experience it, it lends itself to the notion of the “Big Bang” theory, as is evident in our known universe. what i find mildly absurd is the idea of billions upon billions of years that are attributed to the “age” of what we know as the entire universe. these ideas can and will change as understanding (read remembering) unfolds… again.

when you think about it in relativistic terms, the entirety of all we know to exist could have come into existence in less than the blink of an eye, and could thus be wiped from existence just as instantly. how could it be any other way? it can’t simply be a case of simple, linear space-time configuration. that’s merely our perspective, based on our knowledge and understanding, from our planet, from our perceived, preferred reality. it simply can’t equate with all the potentiality that exists in a single thought, nevermind the essence of that which is derived from the One, or then All-That-Is.

everything exists now. all pasts, all futures, and of course, all presents/presence. the instant All-That-Is exists, everything that would thus be a derivation, or further individuation thereof, all the way down the line to physical, organic reality – where we reside, for the most part – would also, instantly exist. every possible, and potential version of us would thus exist, across what we would perceive as time and space.

so, as we begin to grasp the greater concepts of who we really are, maybe it helps to grasp the greater concepts of what it is that brought us into existence. science is rather sloppy, to this day, but as it incorporates spirit (read integrative, encompassing love) and consciousness… there is great potential for vast, rapid advancement. we’re right on the leading edge, as it were.

we’ve been here the “whole time”, no?

imagine and remember,

“Nothing To Fear” by Trance Blackman