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Tabula Rasa

We tend to inundate ourselves with shoulds, have-tos, need-tos — amongst all the other worries and legitimate concerns of living. We attach a lot of our creative energy to tasks, and lists, and anxieties about future things, piled on top of whatever may still linger from what has passed.

That’s heavy.

Clear the mechanism, from time to time… Lift the stylus off the spinning record, as it were. Empty the mind and heart of all the noise and relax the well-traveled axons to give the neurons a chance at something… different. Innovative solutions and creative inspirations are fostered in the malleable, intangible spaces of difference and contrast.

We naturally settle into familiar routines, some of which can be quite damaging, unhealthy and stagnating. Be it mental, physical, or spiritual, we get accustomed to them regardless, and life will continue unabated with, or without, our conscious involvement. Our lives and unique experiences matter, and our intention and presence is integral to a deeper fulfilment.

Therefore, our task would be to glean and soak up everything we can from wherever, whenever, however, and whoever we are, right now. We are where we are. Whether it’s a struggle, or it’s easy, or joyous and blissful — or boring, stressful, or utterly futile and hopeless… we are there.

There is magic in conscious awareness. Be you, truly, in every possible moment.

Solvitur ambulando