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Head of the Classes

They” don’t think like you. Their values are alien, and their beliefs would confuse you. Call them “elite” or whatever you wish, but they exist in another reality.

They don’t care about your wellbeing, nor if you’ll survive the year. They don’t care if you’ve lost a child, or are struggling to conceive one. They don’t care about your passions, your career, or if you’ve ever lied about your taxes. They certainly don’t care about carbon sequestration, the widespread failures of western medicine, science and education, or rising inflation rates! Good grief. These manufactured crises are levers being manipulated by useful idiots and daft, captured minions (politicians, celebrities, banksters, bureaucrats, and other delusional halfwits).

They do not value what you value.

It’s wasteful to believe that anything you do will effect significant shifts in something so far beyond your perception it’s unreachable. You’re living inside a story, inside a story, inside a hologram. Either accept it, or be willing to lose your mind. The veils aren’t impenetrable, but quite often, the more you know, the less you can truly live; it’ll occupy and terrorize your sensibilities.

It’s better to get on with your routine. Live your idea of your best life — now.

Why concern yourself with agendas, conspiracies, ridiculous, malevolent governments, and how to resist them? These nuisances are at the lowest, most basic level of their ability to fuck with you, and you’ll get lost in the weeds if you even try.

Better to write that book. Start a family, or re-connect with the one you have (or, disown them and distance yourself if they’re captured by “contagion containment,” climate change, or some other ideologically inspired, social engineering theater). Build the tiny house, or commit to a homestead; live in a place that aligns with your spirit, your values, your lifestyle.

Get serious about mastering your mind and body.

Learn the law, and your rights and privileges.

Create an income that’s location-independent; jobs and banks and centralized institutions will continue to crumble and evaporate under the weight of their own chaos, corruption, and malevolence.

Stop spending beyond your means.

Be informed, but make thriving priority number one. One life. One legacy.

There is no true or lasting safety and security in life. Life is change.

We’re in the midst of a transition, or “reset” if you prefer. It’s happened before, many times, and I think the civilization as it is will be unable to alter its trajectory. I may be wrong. Regardless, we must adapt. Massive, uncomfortable change is here, and resistance seems rather moot.

Kai Dorner – Unsplash

This is the essence of the Great Reset: the construction of a future which is at once controlled and catatonic, dystopian and dull, monitored and monotonous beyond bearing. A future in which global corporations are free to build the world they have long desired: a borderless, interconnected market technocracy, in which each human individual is a tracked, traced and monitored production and consumption machine – all in the name of public health and safety.

Paul Kingsnorth

It’s not about being passive, pessimistic, or cowardly. And it’s easy to become cynical. It’s about choosing and taking complete responsibility for how, why, and where to allot your limited resources of time and energy.

Do what is yours to do. Love is unlimited.

Solvitur ambulando