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These are the Magic Times

Amongst the ordinary, between autonomic breaths and uncounted heartbeats, is our entire story.

Before the tears, and after the laughter, in the valleys of the commonplace are sweet reflected passages and potent reverie.

While making plans, while updating the diary, while graduating another chapter of our until-just-now uncharted novelties, too often we discount the uneventful as unimportant.

He said, “there are no ordinary moments.” Could a more profound motto, tenet, or life-fulfilling sentiment be carried in our hearts?

In the trenches of the everyday, in the struggle with career, family, identity, economy, ecology and spirituality, could this not inject the world of our construct with endless wonder?

It’s all well and good to suggest presence and authenticity — as a state of mind, as an aspiration, and ultimate achievement — yet buzzwords and catchphrases wear thin in seconds, relegated to afterthought, and even ridicule, not only because we failed to invest more than a glance, but because these ideals are intrinsic, given, gifted…

These are of us, naturally. So, a part of us must feel the offense of the need to suggest that we ever could forget. We dwell too much in self-reproach and impulsive, impassioned judgment. We suffer and perpetuate the wound, again and again.

Vulnerability is not a weakness.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Ordinary words, orchestrated musically, change the state of things, within, and without.

Solvitur ambulando. Walk on.

P.S.  I recommend watching David Whyte’s “A lyrical bridge between past, present and future”