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of spirit and resolve

i do miss the rain
but i do love the sun
what’s with me again
was never undone

storms come and go
moving earth moving dust
the flesh doesn’t know
in what feelings to trust

i do miss the rain
but i do love the sun…

get real close

get real close and you can see the lines, and spots the wrinkles, and scars the salt and pepper and all those scattered plot points these raw details yours to define sometimes they frame a tired smile; it’s all in the eyes that sometimes lose the pretense and spill out happiness this face perhaps one…

the new story

start telling the new story. stuff will come up. it has to! pain and self-sabotage can become routine, and that kind of rut is an insidious trap. lifetimes can be eaten up if we let it keep us unconscious. time is irrelevant. age is irrelevant. the old story is certainly valid, but is it still…

the stumbling stone

it is the plight of the wayshowers to battle the winds of time, to clear the path for those who follow. there are no victims here; we choose our own adventure in every breath, between every heartbeat. when we opted for the skills and senses of uncommon and elevated, we invited the necessary process of…


share your lessons, your trials, victories, failures, challenges and breakthroughs. there are those ahead of you on this road, those where you are now, and those coming up behind that will all be blessed by your authenticity and courage. while we all may tie in to the grand narrative, your perspective is your own. embrace…