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Rumble Strips

Living in a society that is biased toward dis-ease and negativity, it’s an ongoing challenge to keep our heads above water, to avoid being mired and confused by intrusive and destructive worldly narratives, and to keep our inner guidance at the forefront of our processes, rather than an incidental escape or occasionally forced checkpoint.

Our medical industrial complex has been in a persistent “germ warfare” for the past century, and more. They’re in the business of fighting against nature, controlling and manipulating natural processes, and at all costs, preventing death. This profit-based model has developed an underlying psychology of death-phobia, which has introduced some disturbing, wholly inhumane practices and results. The focus is on fighting disease, and keeping a populace perpetually afraid of “the big one,” while subduing, subverting or patently ignoring the depth and breadth of as-yet untapped human capability and potentiality, and pushing aggressively towards homogeneity and genetic engineering.

Our mainstream media industrial complex runs on similar parameters, wherein news and entertainment has a heavy, and nasty bias toward the disturbing, destructive, fear-inducing and paranoia-perpetuating narratives. Pandemics will wipe us out, if the zombies (that we created) don’t get us first. Aliens and off-world societies and cultures will be a threat, and thus we need to increase military spending, to forever develop exponentially destructive weapons with which to dominate our planet and all the surrounding space — and eventually as far as any of our starships will carry us. You can’t trust anyone of that religion, so buy a bible and a gun and protect and indoctrinate yourself and your family. Fight, fight, fight, while increasingly using up resources, then moving on and using them up somewhere else — everywhere else.

Our technical industrial complex is falling in line with all the above, as we rush to modify, upgrade and dehumanize our population. A.I. is the only answer, and our certain savior — or is it to be our inevitable doom? The sooner we can augment our brains, bodies, and our realities, the better. We must have access to all information, all the time! Chip me up, Scotty. Trust in the Google. Virtual reality will save us from our inane and in-person messiness. Everyone needs to have their own hub/node or otherwise technical means with which to “own the internet” before it’s taken away from us. We must keep track of everyone’s movements, all the time, no matter what. It’s for their own safety. Remember CV-19? Our climate is about to collapse, our oceans are about to drown us, a meteor could wipe us out at any time, and our debts are about to choke us to death — cashless is safest! On and on, the fear- and scarcity-based fictional narratives continue, detached from anything remotely resembling an in-depth understanding, nor any logic or reason.

Shall humanity forever be relegated to nothing more than an outbreak of unchecked, immoral, unethical and wasteful consciousness? Will we never develop a true, patient, inclusive, reasonable and authentic communication among ourselves? Not as long as we perpetuate outdated borders, childish politics, violent competition and trauma-generating comparison. Not as long as we are living life perpetually on the defensive, reactive side of the equation. 

We have solutions to every so-called problem that exists in this reality. What we don’t have is the wisdom, nor capability to introduce these (moral, ethical, sweeping, paradigm-shifting) solutions at scale without monetary, political, patent, legal or otherwise artificially imposed barriers.

Given these broadly pervasive and disruptive environmental parameters, is it any wonder that we continue to embody and encode psychosomatic insult, imposition and stressors into our energetics and our DNA?

As we strive to develop our emotional and cognitive intelligence throughout a lifetime, we often run the risk of creating ruts and routine that may lead us unwittingly into the arenas wherein we negate the capacity to thrive, relegating ourselves to the rigmarole of mere survival and the relatively predictable, circular patterns, behaviors, and outcomes. The more we choose to remain in this type of reality bubble, the less we can see outside its manufactured constraints; the less we will believe it to be possible to live beyond our most practiced framework and adopted capacity. One can certainly say this is a mathematical problem, and one can also say that we are in direct control of many, if not all, the variables.

The key is awareness, developed by consciously building the habit of noticing when our learned conditioning or subconscious programming is interrupting or disrupting us, triggered or otherwise signaled by something of our inner or outer world. It is information, it is prescient, and it is empowering. If life can be likened to driving down a highway, then if and when we drift out of our lane — away from our better, deeper knowing — we can rely on those embedded rumble strips to shake us out of a stupor so to allow us the presence with which to steer our energies, thoughts and focus back into our natural flowing states.

The cognitive and emotional noises will come up because life is defined by growth, expansion, and change. We cannot resist being creators. Who we really are is not that noise. Who we really are is much more. 

Solvitur ambulando