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Discarding the Lessons

As we progress through our journey in a lifetime, we learn lessons, constantly. We have easy lessons, and hard lessons. The harder ones generally, unfortunately, are attached to strong emotional aspects, and those are the most difficult to let go.

The process of enlightenment requires us to discard the old, heavy and hardened energies, while discerning the wisdom, attained expansion, and the higher-level consciousness. The more we choose to step back into the energies of the old trauma—by revisiting the resentment, struggle, pain and spiritual distortions—the more we invite the same situations and circumstances to repeat.

Our bodies do this naturally. When you’ve done several thousand curls, push-ups and bench presses, it’s pretty evident that you have reshaped your upper body. Your body doesn’t spend any time in the past, hating all the pain and repetition of the process. Here, now, it’s a new body. It’s stronger, and the exercises are easier, and maintaining the new level of fitness is far easier than starting over, again and again, because of our tendency to get lazy and to fall away from healthful routines.

Conversely, fasting is critical to vibrant health. Allowing the body to reset, to purge latent toxins and fat stores. Whether it be intermittent fasting, or five-day fasts, the benefits are proven. Our bodies need an occasional break, and to tap into their deep reservoirs of healing.

The same goes for spiritual “work”. Twenty minutes a day sitting in silent meditation is cumulative, creating an upward swing in your neural expansion, while breaking down and freeing up energetic blockages—just as watching the news and toxic, violent, sensorially numbing dramas for up to four hours daily poisons you.

We’ve all been scarred. We all have had injuries that we can get into an unhealthy habit of re-minding and re-embodying daily. What you should now be aware of is that all scars can be healed. The same energy works both ways, so it’s up to you to choose to repurpose it as you would prefer, not as those who came before you chose to squander, misuse and misdirect it.

You have the lessons of your ancestry. Carry onward with the attainment, the integration, enlightenment, and the elevated consciousness. Don’t spend any more time dwelling on their old stories.

Solvitur ambulando