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From a Distance

If we can accept that our individuated experiences in life exist from and through a bubble within the greater shared reality, we can appreciate ideas such as the Law of Focus, or the Law of Attraction, and actively reset or realign our established perspectives and perceptions.

Nothing about this place and space has permanence, save perhaps the energies that constitute and maintain it (or, its potentiality). What persists, then, are our ideas, beliefs, and practiced perspectives.

Our thought structures create for us the world we see and sense and interact with — yet only within the framework we allow. If we develop or are ingrained with the idea of “getting by”, for example, then all of the other stories and actors and plots and themes will enforce the rules and limitations of that idea.

Our income level, our work ethic (and behavior in general), our lifestyle, our day-to-day choices — the results and effects of our reality — will cater to and always appear in the shape of “getting by”.

There are, of course, millions of variations to our personal preferences, biases, values and psychologies. Additionally, there are the influencers — locally, regionally, globally — and the myriad subtle and overt programs and conditions introduced and propagated throughout our lives.

Our bubble of perception will filter out a lot of the noise, yet how we choose to interpret and implement everything that comes at us through our senses and emotions is key.

We are the definitive authority of our story, only as intentionally, and deliberately, as we assume responsibility for it; we create from conscious choices, inspired actions, and positive expectations — or we react from defensive, unconscious, victim perspectives.

It’s not about which way is right or wrong. It’s about authentic living. It’s about daring greatly to pursue the resonant option. It’s about trusting the flow of all things, helping you and guiding you toward your ultimate and genuine destinations — each occurrence in alignment with your soul’s urging.

It’s about leaning in to the inherent knowing that the right person, place, or opportunity always shows up in perfect synchrony. It’s about spiritual flexibility derived from a faith in your purpose, your choices, and your desires.

It’s in the echoes of the past, and the careful adherence to limited perspectives. Step into the now with the presence to let go completely of all that no longer serves you.

Expansion of consciousness doesn’t mean dilation of the egoic bubble. Our fractal, geometric reality allows for the infinite to inhabit the infinitesimal; the scope and shape of things only matter to the confined mind.

Break your agreements to what has been, and what you now think is possible. Revoke contracts with hindrances, limitations, artificial constructs and life-destroying parasitic and energetic inventions.

This is your sandbox. You choose whether to curtail your universal expression, or not.

Solvitur ambulando