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It’s generally understood that the mind can’t distinguish between what is imagined to be happening, and what’s actually happening out in the world (i.e., you benefit from either imagining that you’re working out at the gym, or by actually going to the gym). What if everything we’ve ever imagined to have done or achieved has already happened?

A Greater Story

When you finally come to grips with the idea that much of Western (or modern, capitalist/consumerist) society exists within a low-level mental cloud of illusory belief systems, you will realize that there is a lot that you need to unlearn, in an effort to reframe your world as you know it.

Discovery – Toward Coherence

Deep in the recesses of our minds lives a natural state of coherence. It persists underneath the noise and clamor of the everyday. It outlasts any negativity, any spiral of thought, any deterministic projection or controlling enmity.

It’s Not a Time Thing

No time is wasted. While we employ its linear concept to organize and plan and schedule our lives, it doesn’t really factor in to the grand scheme of all things.