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Climate and Covid Theater

There is no climate emergency. It’s a well known, broadly understood reality, unless you’re a popular pandering expert, or ingroup shill celebrity, or drinking a lot of panic kool-aid.

There are profits to be made, especially with the unfixable, ambiguous infinity that is “climate change,” and all that it encompasses. There are policies to force upon the people. There are fascists in the wings awaiting their time in the sun…so many graduates of the World Economic Forum, currently waging their wildly successful sham of covid theater, are anxious to crank up the batshit crazy on climate change nonsense.

Just as the plandemic was decades in the making, culminating in the mass psychosis generated over a fictitious contagion, so, too, is the rabid global warming, or climate change cult, and its legions of faithful followers. Whatever it takes to terrify as many people as possible, they’ll do it — truth, integrity, facts, and rationality be damned!

It’s a tough time to seek reason and healthy discourse and debate. Two years of intense propaganda and relentless polarizing by public officials and the media has frayed all of our nerves. It’s tested all of us, likely in every way. Going forward, it’ll be critical to engage the compassionate consciousness that this epochal transition is demanding of our civilization.

We can get there, and quickly, evidenced by the way millions have organized recently to come together and generate a sea change of positive momentum…with trucks, no less. Truly remarkable, memorable times.

Stand up. Be heard. Be engaged. See the unifying power of the people who care so deeply they’re sacrificing their livelihoods and time and resources to ensure that the right thing gets done for the greater good. It’s a blurry line sometimes. But we can see clearly now.

Hold the line. There will be more challenges to come. Fake catastrophes among them…