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Marek Piwnicki - Unsplash

What the Heart Wants

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin)

Acknowledge, appreciate, understand, and be grateful for the desires of your heart. These feelings and emotions are important indicators of resonance and can help us determine how much we are or are not being those things for ourselves.

We’re trained to seek external stimulation, fulfilment, acceptance, and happiness, believing more in what we hear and see than in the truths hidden by practiced filters and residual trauma. This is the where the disregulating concepts of scarcity and lack fester and grow. Sure, they’re useful, but they’re still anchors and chains binding you to yesterday’s story.

Needs are real. Yearning and desire are the foundations of the creative spark. The how and why are, however, critical. We will want to project and protect. Sometimes violently. We need to remember how to breathe. Discern. Listen. Heed the ethereal helmsman who is always with us in everything, keeping the ship on course, regardless of the storms that may arise.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Love your life.

. . .

Relevance” from Runaway