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What the Heart Wants

Acknowledge, appreciate, understand and be grateful for the wants of your heart. Those feelings and emotions are important indicators of resonance, and ways to gauge how much we are, or are not being those things for ourselves.

We’re trained toward external stimulation, fulfilment, acceptance and happiness, believing more in what we perceive with our ears and eyes, than the truths hidden by practiced filters and trauma. This is the precipice where the “what about my needs?” idea of lack festers and grows, along with victimhood and martyrdom. Useful, sure, but anchors and chains nonetheless.

Needs are real. Yearning and desire are the stuff of massive art. The how and why, however, is critical. We’ll want to project, infect, inject and protect. Violently. We need to remember how to breathe. Discern. Listen. Heed the innate helmsman that is always with us in our everything, keeping the ship on course, regardless of the storms that will come, and even when we dare to drift on calm waters . . .

Solvitur ambulando,
love your life,