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There are no actual missed marks, opportunities, or wasted moments.

There is choice, limitlessness, potentiality, preference, and perspective. There is utter perfection in every instant we can allow ourselves a dance in the space between impulse and (re)action, between observance and question.

But, we don’t really live in that space, do we? What’s missing?

Life is. Life hungers and craves. Life is the experience. Life most certainly loves everything about you. But, what is life?

Life is not linear, though our time/space effort would argue it. Life excels in the gap before a label and judgment diffuses or completely defuses it. Life is effortlessly thriving, forever, regardless of your belief that it is or is not so, for you.

Life teases you with the knowing and awareness, with foresight and hindsight, with intuition and intention and imagination! It affords you emotion to gauge your persistence, or insistence, arrogance or ignorance, certainty or openness and freedom — your adherence to or distance from your immediate family of truth. Your core is ever a churning lava flow, massive energy in flux and excitement, eagerly awaiting that next thought, inkling, step, lesson, breath . . . Ever the patient co-creator.

What is learning? It’s re-membering, through adaptive filters. The myriad infinitesimal variations presented throughout every dreaming, waking and walking second of your life will favor your pre-destined notions — but even etched stone is malleable, for even a stone is mere vibration.

Life lingers in scope and scale beyond measure, for boundaries exist only within the level of understanding that created them. The mind requires a construct and a modicum of control, so let it be your co-pilot, not your ship.

Solvitur ambulando