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There are no real missed marks, opportunities, or wasted moments.

There are choices, limitless possibilities, preferences, and perspectives. Every moment we allow ourselves to dance in the space between impulse and (re)action, observance and question, is utterly perfect.

But we don’t really inhabit that space, do we? What’s missing?

Life is. Life hungers and craves. Life is an experience. Life certainly adores everything about you. But, what is life?

Despite our best efforts, life is not linear in time and space. Life thrives in the space between a label and a judgment, which diffuses or neutralizes it. Life thrives effortlessly and indefinitely, regardless of whether you believe it is or is not for you.

Life teases you with knowledge and awareness, foresight and hindsight, intuition, intention, and imagination. It invites you to use emotion to guage your persistence or insistence, arrogance or ignorance, certainty or openness, and freedom — your adherence to or distance from your immediate family of truths. Your innermost being is a churning flow of lava, a massive energy in flux and excitement, waiting in anticipation for the next breath, lesson, thought, inkling, step, and so on, ever the responsive collaborator.

What is learning? It’s remembering through adaptive filters. The myriad infinitesimal variations presented throughout every dreaming, waking, and walking second of your life will favor your predetermined notions, but even an etched stone is malleable, for a stone is simply vibration.

Life’s scope and scale are immeasurable, because boundaries exist only within the level of understanding that created them. The mind requires a construct and some degree of control, so treat it as a copilot rather than your ship.

Solvitur ambulando