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Radical Acceptance

There’s a clever mind trap that can inveigle those of us who are empathic for years, or even decades of our lives. The idea of caring for others, and the world at large is honorable, but the idea that we can convince or save or awaken any of them is almost always detrimental to our wellbeing. Reality is what it is, so we must be aware enough to pull ourselves back from the endless cycle of trying to remedy that which is well out of our capacity to fix.

The “world”, as it is, is run by psychopaths. No one can deny that. What matters is the way in which we perceive the world; what is it? What is real, beyond all the noise? How does our “world” factor in to the greater construct of the Earth, Mother Nature, and what exists beyond the firmament?

Are we limiting ourselves too much by the ideas and conditions set forth and maintained by another?

The trouble is that most of us who grew up average, raised by fairly average parents, cannot even in the slightest way relate to nor understand the values, purposes, motivations, and methods employed by the so-called elite. (In this context, it is assumed that we use the term elite as a descriptor, not a valuation; it is these elites who see themselves as greater, not us. Reality is an utterly alien perception across the psychological and epistemological divide, so it’s arrogant and ridiculous to think that any of our actions could possibly affect their beliefs and perspectives.

While we may foster generosity, sharing, community, social fabric and prioritize pursuing family, our joys and passions, those in the elitist echelons employ entirely extreme ideals that we would deem only as diabolical, delusional and dark. They systemically destroy their children and remake them into their own psychotic image, so to serve their ages-long agendas and to carry forward generational mind control structures and malevolent paradigms. Empathy doesn’t factor in. They simply cannot and would not act in nor consider anything truly human nor humane. So it becomes evident how “they” can perceive us in the masses merely as cattle and livestock, and the Earth as little more than raw materials and resources with which they may do as they please.

This is nothing new in our “world”, and everything playing out today has happened many, many times before. We’re just hyper-aware of aspects of it in this era, and quite bewildered and confused, because of the explosion of the information age, and all the endemic capabilities it affords us.

While it may seem an impossible thing to consider, it is critical that we come to a place of radical acceptance.

Fighting and resisting and protesting are age-old methods that are not only futile and exhausting, but they play right into the hands of the oppressors – especially in such a divided, polarized, politicized and psychologically weakened society as we have today (by design; all part of their long-term plans). If it is in you to stand up, to get out your signage and go march with the excited crowds, certainly do so, but accept the fact that you will likely accomplish nothing. If you are keen to learn natural law, so to stand up and defend yourself against the small-minded, order-following agents of the state, do so. But do not engage in dispelling group psychosis, or arguing with “the man” if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, or why. Stand in your power. Arise from fear. Detach from idealistic results, and the changeable, uneducated opinions of others.

“Every moment, in which we set ourselves to banish from our consciousness whatever remains in it of disparaging, suspicious judgment of our fellow-men, brings us nearer to the knowledge of higher things. And we rise rapidly when, in such moments, we fill our consciousness with only those thoughts that evoke admiration, respect, and veneration for men and things. He who has experience in these matters will know that in every such moment powers are awakened in man which otherwise would remain dormant. In this way the spiritual eyes of a man are opened.”

~ Rudolph Steiner

A handful of players has been operating within hidden and protected – and likely competing – factions for millennia. They know what to expect. They’re already a dozen steps down the road by the time anyone realizes that something is wrong, well into several other schemes and plans decades in the making. So don’t be an angry fool, thinking that any vengeance or superficial, short-term justice is possible without seriously harming or costing yourself and those you care about. Respect your enemy, and the power they can exercise, but realize their limitations; they fear and resent our freedom, our natural, organic, empowered individuality, our creative capabilities, and our unquestionable, unconditional capacity for love.

Decide how much you want to play within the mind-controlled matrix. If “they” could have simply wiped us out, they would have. Eyes open.

Your journey is rediscovering the joy of being a soul in a body.

~ Andrew Bartzis

This is all about energy; frequency, vibration, lightness and spiritual fluidity. It’s about using the tools you have at your disposal, and learning to express your innate gifts. No matter the outer, worldly circumstances, you win the battle, as it were, by working within your capacity to be aware but creative, happy and fulfilled, conscious of the apathy, antipathy, mind control apparatuses, and widespread attempts at spiritual suppression. The problems are too big to fix, and maybe that’s the point. Life is about the journey toward betterment, expansion and completion, but should we ever get there, then what?

Pursue what moves you. Apply yourself where you are, now, or relocate to a space that empowers and disencumbers your spirit. Love deeply when and where you are drawn to. Know and respect the transience of your time here, and get to work. Clean and clear up your energy, as often and as thoroughly as you can. Choose to spend time with others who are also mature and healthy in this respect. Emotional intelligence is possible only when you are detached from always being right.

Accept and acknowledge the reality as it is now. Breathe. Your soul is greater than all the impermanence.

~ Mark Knight

Refine, realign, recalibrate and recapitulate. Reflect and integrate, moment by moment, day by day. You have a deep purpose for being here. Ultimately, you are safe.

Solvitur ambulando