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Mirror Detox

If you’re still standing, after all that 2020 has thrown at you, well done. If you’ve passed on, why do you still give a shit about social media? It is, collectively, becoming the world’s biggest running joke.

We live in a time of incredible change, and the exponential proliferation of illusions, fictions and outright fantasy are ramping up. Every industrial complex we’ve been conditioned to be reliant upon is coming apart at the seams, but they’re desperate to remain relevant, and profitable, and in so doing, will say and do whatever is necessary to ensure their survival. As has always been true, both sides of every war earn and gain untold material rewards for their contributions. Human costs are way down the list of considerations, if at all – in fact, the more suffering, the better.

Governments aren’t concerned about our health. This is plainly obvious, if you’re willing to take a good hard look at the facts. They aim to maintain power and hierarchy, and limit liability and losses. They are corporate in nature, and thus wholly unnatural, inhumane, calculating and carefully considered in action. Make no mistake, nothing promoted, advertised, or controversial is by accident. You’re told a hundred different lies, and half-truths of varying severity and degree, every day. How can you ever hope to know who is to be trusted, and who is driven by an agenda?

Let’s get real: you can’t. If you’re bent on learning and discerning only from that which is offered from outside your own sensemaking, outside your capacity for self-inquiry, and outside your heart-mind capability of coherence, you’re subject forever to the whims and wills of the establishment. This is a cliché, of course. We all know this inborn truth as children, until the playful curiosity and inward compass is beaten out of us.

So, if you’re exhausted by the mirror of the world, and its toxic effect on your energy, you may be ready to look at everything you perceive it to be with new eyes.

You may be ready to step back and assess, detached, rather than living each moment in reactivity, and fear, and paranoia.

You may be ready to sit quietly and find again that impenetrable force of love within.

Solvitur ambulando