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Tag: self love

Radical Acceptance

There’s a clever mind trap that can inveigle those of us who are empathic for years, or even decades of our lives. The idea of caring for others, and the world at large is honorable, but the idea that we can convince or save or awaken any of them is almost always detrimental to our wellbeing. Reality is what it is, so we must be aware enough to pull ourselves back from the endless cycle of trying to remedy that which is well out of our capacity to fix.

Grasping Sands

The pressure is mounting, or so it may seem. As they try to keep building up walls, and framing our impressive, limitless reality into strangely dark, small, dysfunctional delusions, more and more is slipping through their fingers.

Chasing Storms

Down at the end of Lavender Road, in the district of Lantzville, there’s a beach access that I like to visit. The small parking lot is right at the seashore, and provides a great view of the sea. Today, it’s featuring heavy rain, a high tide, and some moody looking clouds.