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It’s not supposed to be easy to live a full life — a flowing, worry-free experience — right? Our society values struggle and effort, so it’s the only way to achieve and succeed, right?

It gets sticky almost immediately, because there is that elusive, contradictory, enriching idea of “following your bliss” and, in doing so, “you won’t work a day of your life.”

Of course, that’s not the entire story. The grand idea is that when you pursue and do what you love, it doesn’t seem like work, thus, you’re psychologically — and by all appearances — being and doing with ease, joy and peaceful existence.

How many of us have achieved this? How many can maintain this? I think for the majority what we’ve experienced, in general, is a bit of a letdown — or disillusionment, disappointment, weariness, wariness, or simply a constant struggle.

Maybe I’m wrong. I would prefer that I were. But, for now, let’s follow the thread, though it may fray a little…

We value effort because we value the perceived rewards, and we value the freedom that earnings can afford us in our existing economic system.

Effort equals returns. Effort equals earning a living. Effort equals validity, acceptance, and material gains.

However, effort is not will.

The difference is that where effort is in toiling, in survival, in the mechanical, will is our consciousness, our creator self, our actualization in progress.

Unconscious effort always leads to apathy and anxiety. We are feeling, emotional, energetic beings. We can’t discount the majority of our cosmic makeup and think there will never be negative repercussions.

We certainly do try to suppress it, and defer it. We are inundated with the factual, informational and tangible, giving us ample excuses to evade our purposeful, spiritual responsibility in all things.

We get trapped by what is — by the symptomatic; by effects and results — rather than accepting it, and using our creative will to see past and through the superficial and transient.

Because of our stubborn attachment to linearity and how our reality seems to work, we can only ever accept that what is now, what is manifest, is a cumulative result of what was before.

But, this idea is incomplete.

To break ourselves free of the mental, exhaustive rigmarole and disempowering notions of struggle, fear, scarcity and lack, we need to embrace next-level belief systems.

The true breadth and depth of now is the state of uncertainty; the persistent unknown. It is an organic potentiality — and it is also complete freedom.

Therefore what we see as a result — as tangible and evident — is the past. And we can only alter what has transpired by our perception of it; our inbuilt higher perspective allows us to change the past by our will for a resonant, aligned present.

Quantum mechanically, this is how we step into our authentic selves, one conscious act of will at a time.

In practice, we hear all the time that things don’t work out how we had imagined they would. But, they work out — or we “die” trying.

Our linear minds demand and desire a modicum of control over expectations and outcomes. It is in the nature of the mind to interpret the events and happenings of life, to decipher, encode and translate what’s going on into the language we’re most familiar with, at our current level of acceptance and understanding.

You can see how this is problematic. It reveals the inherent fallibility of preconditions and of programming. Who is responsible for fostering the conscious awareness in order to undo and release the binds of incomplete, maligned, distorted and dysfunctional conditions?

Who else is there?

To exist and to engage effortlessly in this multidimensional game of life, is to reclaim your sovereign, infinite creator’s will.

It’s a discipline and it’s a liberation, all wrapped in One.

Solvitur ambulando