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We are never alone in the struggles and pains, nor the joys and victories.

Whatever we may be battling with, regardless of how personal and unique to us it may seem, is never ours alone. It’s not how this reality works.

How we perceive a challenge — in our own voice, through our practiced mind constructs and filters — carries an energetic signature that we can interpret, making it seem singular and solely for us, by us, and because of us. This fire is fanned by the persistent illusion of separation.

Yet, it isn’t true! We have to remember that whatever it is that we’re processing, or playing out, or unraveling, or delving into, is happening concurrently — at the same vibration or resonant frequency — throughout the collective consciousness.

Essentially, what you’re worried about, is what many others are worrying about — therefore, what you’re loving about, is what many others are loving about.

Every so often a truth about something emerges, as if it had been here all along. These are the critical-mass moments when we collectively transition to a more cohesive, coherent level of consciousness.

You see it evidenced practically all the time; things, behaviors and beliefs, that used to be acceptable, are no longer so. Just as things, ideas and concepts, that were once woo-woo, eccentric, out there and esoteric, become integral to everyday living. Eventually, the “new normal” is written into our societal and cultural DNA.

In our day-to-day living, we will generally continue to oscillate up and down with life’s adventures and experiences — yet if you look closely, we’re operating within a different range than before. Conversations are evolving, and bigger-picture ideas are elevating the collective baseline understanding. This is powerful.

Never invalidate your process. Simply allow for an expansion of perspective and know that you matter. Your ideas, revelations, stories and creations all contribute to the grand design.

Look again.

Solvitur ambulando

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