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Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Our craft, our story — as the expression of our uniqueness and what we inherently strive for as our fully actualized self — can take a lifetime to realize.

Every day offers newness and the unexplored. Every moment invites curiosity and divergent possibilities.

It may seem as if life throws things at us, but that’s simply a practiced perspective, symptomatic of a social paradigm and a set of accepted cognitive parameters; we see what we are wont to see. We do primarily in reactivity. We be what we will to be.

We exist by rudimentary means, constantly in a polarized state of either offense or defense.

We’re addicted to pain, to fighting, to resisting, to demanding, to distrust, to keeping score, to resentment, and inevitably, to apathy.

When compassion, generosity and kindness are motivated by obligation, guilt and shame, everything “costs” us time, energy and attention; everything is a strain.

It’s the predictable downward spiral, and as a chronic issue, maintains us in persistent fight-or-flight and survival modes. Relationships can’t survive this. Our bodies will do what they can to keep us alive, but that’s not living.

The heavy and ubiquitous negative programming and conditioning are becoming more obvious by the minute. Many wayshowers have been persistently and consistently holding the higher space, so the collective could step up and into it.

Many spiritual warriors have been ridiculed and ostracized, vilified and derided, belittled and misunderstood. Of course, there have been — and continue to be — plenty of disingenuous and malevolent characters in the arena. Yet, the esoteric and uncommon continue their march into the forefront, as science learns how little it can explain, by its methods alone.

Social constructs and outdated ritual and religion all funnel into the same sphere of understanding: all are one, and the one is the all.

This journey must be from and with the perspective of the holistic, the systemic, of this and that — not to promote, nor settle for a vast sludge of indistinguishable greys, but to embrace the grander, inclusive integrity of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

It doesn’t require a lifetime to master the art of being who you really are. This and many other lies can be let go.

Do the work and use the infinite reserves to be of service to humanity.

Solvitur ambulando