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The Fearful

We are so afraid. You can see the evidence everywhere: how we treat ourselves; how we consciously and unconsciously control and manipulate each other; how we raise our kids; how we treat employees; how we need lawyers; how we troll on social media, and how the vast majority of snap judgment is biased toward the negative and fearful.

It’s a chronic issue in our modern world. When a society can more easily believe in inequity, imbalance, injustice, inequality and powerlessness, it proliferates an atmosphere of distrust, cynicism, competition and violence.

Yet fear is not the absence of love. The energies are not mutually exclusive. We’re simply more accustomed to fear, than we are to deep, universal, unfiltered love.

Fear is a means; a gauge; a road sign that to the awake and aware is an opportunity for greater understanding and spiritual expansion. It’s the added weight of emotional attachments, and the internalized meanings we ascribe to fear that clog up our organic mechanism.

We get stuck in our heads, and as we spiral towards panic and anxiety, that faculty shuts down. We’re reliant on instinct and our most primitive, childish programming — and if that area is laden with trauma and wounding, we will act and behave as the worst version of ourselves. We will have need for escapism, just to get back into our heads, never mind elevating beyond.

I would wager that most of us exist primarily in our minds, only occasionally dipping into the heart center, thus disregarding our spiritual brain and the benefits of coherence. In fact, much of the intelligence that flows from the energy centers throughout our bodies (when functioning well) is vastly misused.

This can, of course, be rectified.

I believe an elevated consciousness is emerging, and we can all help move things along toward a universal awakening by doing the work:

  • become aware of your unaddressed emotional wounds and unprocessed traumas;
  • reduce exposure to fear-mongering media streams (be informed, but don’t soak in it);
  • reconnect with your “why” in life;
  • move your body, move your energy, move your emotions, challenge your notions;
  • shake it up!

Guidance and inspiration are ever-present. Look again.

Solvitur ambulando