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All Roads Emerge

There is no delay. There are conditions and pre-conditions. Manifestation is instant and persistent.

There are infinite roads to your perceived desires. You may have chosen to utterly limit yourself to one or two options (which is oddly brutal, when you think about it) for the sake of pursuing an established timeline or reality, but that extreme pinching-off of all that could get you there in the easiest ways is a choice.

You can feel it, moment to moment; something feels forced; something is uneasy, blocked, unnatural, resisting…

We are programmed to push, to fight, to train the muscles, to battle endlessly with the body that has become the mind. Science is finally telling us we have it backward: we’ve been using our thoughts, words, and energies against ourselves.

We’re starting to crack open the vault into the quantum field, as our language struggles to expound on what is clearly wordless in nature. But a crack is all that’s required for the light to get in, and thus our entire construct is simultaneously expanded and upgraded.

This information isn’t new, of course, but it is new to us, as who and what we are, now.

Many of us are stuck, fixated, and engaged fully in the negative reality loops. We believe in the struggles, as presented, and choose to keep taking the same prescription. So weird.

Yet, the individual’s energy and intention is swayed by that of the collective; this is a shared mirrordom. If we wish to alter the makeup of this story, for now, we’ll have to be thorough and diligent — or we will remain victims.

Step one: question everything. Examine and explore your whys, your motivations, your passions, your opinions, your beliefs. Love what comes up…

Step two: purify your body; purify your mind. All illness is energetic; blocked by the karmic, the traumatic, or by invasive technology. All conditions can be overcome; wellbeing is our most natural state. Love what comes up…

Step three: assume responsibility for your creation. Love what comes up…

All is here to help you. All is available to you.

You are a sovereign creator being. Chew on that for the next five minutes, five hours, five days, five weeks…

You’re ready for next level.

Solvitur ambulando