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Climate Change: The Ultimate Creative Outlet

As you may be aware, I am not a supporter of climate change alarmism, nor do I believe there is a climate emergency. In my mind, it is one grand hoax. These are not the end times for our world; we’re not anywhere near the “11th hour,” the ice isn’t melting, the oceans aren’t rising, and, no, not everything is going up in smoke (and as a reminder, arson is not wildfire). That said, I care deeply about this wonderful and remarkable place we currently inhabit, and I care deeply about my fellow humans, and I absolutely agree that we can do far better regarding our stewardship of this realm and the ways and means we go about its resource management.

The truth is, regardless of your choice of involvement, concern, or activism and protests, of all the actions that either extremists or rational thinkers have taken, very little has changed or improved over the past several generations. There is more violence, human displacement, perpetual conflict, and war. There is more corruption in government and the highest offices of the land. There is still a general greed and stupidity in all manner of authority and political leadership. The psychopathic and parasitic interests that comprise the wealthiest and most socially and politically influential in the world always get their way. This potentially depressing reality generates a massive void in the zeitgeist and collective energetic economy and, thus, a convenient and necessary movement to centralize and repurpose the angst, confusion, and widespread dis-empowerment that many of us feel on a daily basis.

We are creators, and we need an outlet for our passion. Unfortunately, those in the know tend to weaponize this power against us and subsume our efforts for their own gains. That is just how it is, and the sooner we can accept that, the sooner we can get wiser, get organized, and reclaim our creatorship, so we can channel our energies into better and more productive pro-human, pro-nature, pro-life ways, not into a ridiculous nonsense agenda that is entirely captured, such as the hoax and widespread fraud of climate change.

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The idea of “climate change” affords us a massive, ambiguous, and amorphous cloud that we can all channel our worries and frustrations into. It doesn’t need to be specific and is, in fact, purposely designed to be vague and unclear. The very wording itself is about as vague as you can get. Yes, climate changes every day, all the time, all across the world, and, if you aren’t already aware, humans have been manipulating and trying to engineer it for over a century. So the implementation of such a nonsense, meaningless phrase as climate change is a win-win for those who are hiding in the shadows behind both old and new practices, policies, institutions, corporations, and their captured, controlled opposition within this very public sociopolitical movement.

We care. This is a good thing. But we need to be more aware of who or what is siphoning that energy away from us and using it for nefarious agendas.

You can be sure of these two things: nothing will fundamentally improve, and nothing will fundamentally change. A quick glance at modern history will show you as much if you’re willing to see reality for what it is. The climate will change, but it always has and always will. The blip of our current civilization’s existence will neither exacerbate nor prevent it. None of us have access to actual and true historical information regarding the climate older than a few centuries. Sure, we have more and more modern scientists co-opted into rubbish fields such as “climatology” who can make educated guesses, but those guesses are not based on real and tangible evidence or fact; their wild speculation and conjecture is neither reliable nor impartial because their guesses and cherry-picked datasets are heavily biased and influenced by the wants and needs of their benefactors, as it is in all of modern “$cience.” Scientism is the enemy of real science. Science is a method of inquiry, not a religion, and climate science is primarily a religious movement.

The electromagnetic storm that is climate change gives an extremely attractive and culturally pervasive psychological and emotional outlet to the many who are routinely mind-controlled and brainwashed because of their wanton addiction to screens, news media, entertainment, and state propaganda. In reality, it is a non-issue, as are most things in the mainstream narrative. There is no climate emergency! But in fantasy land, where these days children should be allowed and encouraged to identify as whatever they please and to mutilate their bodies with the assistance of the strictly for-profit Cult of the Medics, we need to be awake and aware. We need to recognize the noise for what it is — deception, distortion, and delusion — and stand up for what is right and true, which isn’t always easy to discern. Therein lies the greatest challenge of this generation, because we have been lambasted and assaulted from every angle with every weapon “they” have at their disposal.

Remember who and what you are. Reclaim your power from the psychopaths and parasites of this realm. Don’t let them steal your gaze, your heart, or your spirit.

Ask yourself: Are you acting and speaking from spirit or from programming? Are you doing it to fit in, to be part of the crowd, to feel safe? Are you acting out of fear, misplaced obligation, frustration, trauma, and emotional imbalance? Or, are you taking care of your needs, are you calm, centered, perhaps righteously angry, thinking critically, and learning about and acting upon what is real and true?

What is real about you is that you can never be harmed. Everything else is an artifice and a construct. You can at any time slough off the layers of heaviness and delusion that have been handed down or programmed into you. You can again operate from a deep connection to Nature, from a place of unbridled Love, and shining outwardly with irrepressible Light. But you need to awaken the immortal within.

Amplify the light.

Solvitur ambulando