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Resolute Power

Power is a subjective idea. Zuckerberg, et al., can play sociopolitical games with their now massive, contentious, schoolyard, infantilistic public forums — but not one single person is forced to use them. So, it’s your choice to afford them that power. Socialist media has become the mainstay for armchair activists and feckless couch commentators.

Grab your Doritos and pretend to know or care about what is really happening out in the world. Get real!

The idea of democracy is fractious and misunderstood. We don’t want it, anyway. Just like we don’t want communism, libertarianism, socialism, conservatives, liberals, republicans, democrats, or “green party” nonsense. Voluntaryism? Maybe. We want the best elements of all these dogmas, ideologies, and incomplete constructs. But we also need an educated public that knows history, and understands that with liberty comes the responsibility for not inevitably eroding and destroying it. We need to mature emotionally and psychologically so to create an existential space wherein calmer, intelligent hearts and minds can get to work in earnest.

A successful faction may erect a tyranny on the ruins of order and law…

— Alexander Hamilton

We are in a unique time in human history. We can, and we must, swiftly and systematically remove all the garbage that occupies the highest offices of the land. Career politicians, corporate lobbyists, those conspiring with nefarious UN/WHO/WEF/IMF agendas, and everything else corrupted and compromised that aims to continue to rot our flailing nations to the core. War criminals, child trafficking Presidents, and the current crop of corrupt PMs of Canada, UK, AU, NZ and many others… all must go, the system they represent must be transmuted and replaced with something far more transparent and useful to humanity.

But power? Zuck doesn’t have power. He’s an extremely fortunate billionaire nerd that got billions in backing from the military industrial complex. Without those external forces, Facebook would likely have gone the way of Myspace and other failed social networks long ago. But today, they just keep breaking and remaking government in their own image — again, with the extensive help of globalist shadow players you’ll never hear nor read about. Talk about disruptive factions!

If you’re in constant fear of what’s happening out there, you’ve been compromised. You need to reclaim your power. Discussions and debates and memes and protests will never fix the world.

Being only ever in fearful reaction to the dominant narratives proves we have no leadership. We have victimhood, and victims are very easy to manipulate.