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The Familiar Face

When we look at someone, we instantly process their appearance, primarily on a subconscious level. We may find attraction, based on what is essentially an algorithm we’ve been instilled with and has itself evolved throughout the countless influences and circumstances we grew up around. Our parents, or primary guardians, are inevitably the strongest influences in what draws (or repels) us, naturally. It’s emotional, too, and magnetic. Yet, beyond the surface, what we cannot usually see with our naked eyes affects us, too.

We sense in multidimensional, multi-spectral, and multi-sensory ways, as you may be aware. This can be useful in discerning the effects that not only people have on us, but things that occur in nature, in dreams, visions and imaginings. Animals, symbols, geometry, fractals, patterns and more all influence our demeanor, energies and perception. Thus, our environment can strongly influence our behavior, and the longer we practice any habit or behavior, the more it becomes a personality trait. You can see, thus, the difficulty there is in making any significant change our lives, without a strategic effort, a conscious awareness, and a good deal of persistent will.

Our homeostatic resting place can be quite dysfunctional and self-limiting. But, inevitably, we’ll attract to us those characters and situations that will help us break open these barriers, to elevate us and to strengthen what we may consider weaknesses. It won’t seem this way in the moment, as suffering, pain, struggle and imbalance are disorienting, exasperating, and have a way of blurring our awareness until well after the fact. If we can summon the strength to find gratitude and appreciation even in the apparent worst of circumstances, perhaps we can accelerate the process, and thus, the healing.

Heed your feelings in all things. Emotional energy is an attribution of frequencies that exist outside our abstraction of and addiction to linear time, and thus by these means can we derive our personal wisdom—only ever in the moment, and usually in the silence of reflection.

It triggered something for a reason. Allow your awareness to guide you.

Solvitur ambulando