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Eyes Open

We’re in the midst of widespread and multi-faceted impositions; an assault on our senses and sensemaking, accelerating nefarious agendas, collapsing regimes and realities, and the systemic exposure of the ugliness among us that’s been hiding in plain sight forever.

Make no mistake, this year will continue to pile on what we’ve already experienced in the past 11 months. Those who wish to do harm are panicked and playing every hand they’ve got — which includes utilizing and activating all those who’ve been blackmailed, corrupted or compromised. Have you noticed how many “celebrities” are suddenly speaking out? How about the sudden and extreme increase in canceling and censorship? ALL the big tech giants are colluding against us, not in service to us. Don’t be fooled.

Our job right now is to not let the runaway matrix run nor ruin our lives, nor to pulverize our hearts and minds.

True power doesn’t require such massive propaganda campaigns, endless financial resources to push conflicting, unnatural, exaggerated and extreme narratives, nor escalating measures, mandates and asinine restrictions. “Nothing we’ve done has made any difference whatsoever, so we need to ramp it up and do it even more.”

Day after day, month after month, their efforts only serve to prove their complicity in egregious crimes against humanity.

And it will be exposed for what it is.
And it will confuse many.

What is real to you? What is true? Who is acting with integrity?

Are you sure?