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The Unified Challenge

To come together in any sort of peace, unity, cooperation, and planetary harmony, humanity needs a solidifying, stabilizing, magnetizing purpose that allows us to channel our need for struggle, challenge and contrast—one that impels us toward greater ideals than infighting, warring over imaginary lines in the dirt and resources, and bickering over dogma and spiritual ignorance.

There can be no blissed-out species on this planet that won’t eventually destroy itself—not based on who and what we are right now. Let’s just swallow that bitter pill. It’s not about joy and love and “why can’t we all just get along?” Snap out of it already. There are no victims here.

What’s evident is that while our bodies are obvious examples that show us how quickly we can atrophy, soften, fatten and weaken, starved of real substance and nutrition, it’s less obvious how many of our higher functions have been systematically weakened, suppressed, atrophied and destroyed.

Regardless, everything is already available for us. Solutions for every problem we see out in the world exist, now, and they have nothing to do with fake money. Whether it’s health and wellness, spirituality, economy, education, government, ecology, space exploration, exopolitics, and technologies to liberate humans from mindless, menial laboring (and the slavery of earning a wage or “living”), it’s already here.

What’s missing is a cohesive, compassionate, courageous, next-level consciousness that allows for our widespread implementation of all we know, and would quickly become aware of—once ancient control structures, secret and manipulative malevolent forces, shadow players, and their related psychopathic and sociopathic regimes are exposed, deconstructed, and relegated to a footnote in the annals of history. Our real history.

So, there’s that dream. Why don’t we work on that one? Oh, right. Taxes. Food. Shelter. Lack, lack, scarcity and lack.

The game plays us from many angles. Most of us are convinced of our righteousness, yet terrified to truly stand up for our values. Inflated egos and fragmented personalities make for easy fodder in the capitalist, market system.

We don’t know how brutally our values and beliefs have been curbed by the extreme lack of shared information and disclosure of the truths of our planet, our reality, our universe. Hell, the moment you look at your phone or clock in the morning, you’re already hooked in.

If your “why” is mere survival, or profit, or personal gain, you’re part of the problem. You’re simply feeding the beast. You’re operating at the lowest level of your capacity and potential, and you are at the whim of small minds, and heartless automatons. Everything and everyone is a threat, nothing and no one can be trusted.

It isn’t true.

You have a personal legend to engage and explore. You have a part to play in this stage of human evolution and consciousness elevation. You chose to be here, now. You’re reading this because you are seeking the greater truth. You know you are more.

Summon the deeper why. Sit with it and let the old story crumble and die.

Solvitur ambulando