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Sex and Garbage and Crap

We’re in the process of cleaning up our individual and collective traumatic and emotional garbage. This is quite evident. We’re also taking more responsibility for cleaning up our planet.

When it comes to sex, we have a LOT of garbage attached to it in our society—and around the world. Everywhere you look there’s negative programming and non-stop advertising with visual fakery, misleading ideas, desensitization and misinformation. It has created emotional distortions, personality and identity confusion, animosity (inward and outward), impossible ideals, endless comparison, competition, and addiction to the ego.

As with many aspects to our human conditioning, we unconsciously carry forward far too many dysfunctional beliefs and ideas, not realizing that our definitions of “normal” are completely fucked.

Observe your reactions when you watch characters in TV shows and movies, when you see magazine covers, how people dress, wear makeup, kiss in public, piss in public—how they talk, respond, ask, ignore, validate or invalidate you, comment or share an opinion, and how long it takes to respond to a text message.

Anything you spend time scrolling through, or swiping left or right in, is either limiting or expanding your ever-impressionable neural pathways. And, anything we add emotional weight to gets a lot more of that tasty myelination than the rest. Thus, we increase the nature of our conscious and unconscious filtration; our reality and the definitions therein get more, or less, twisted.

Even saying or reading the word SEX gets people worked up, ashamed, nervous, anxious, angry, aroused or defensive. When did the most natural of human things get so damned awkward to talk about and to explore?

We’re in the midst of an age of reconnection (rebalancing, reintegration) to the divine (or sacred) masculine and feminine. Your work, as ever, is “simply” to dig down deep to uncover your truest needs, wants and desires—not what the movies say, not what the porn sites say, and not what your insecurities say either. Fear, lack and scarcity invade all of our pristine spaces, and it’s time to move upward and outward.

You know this. You feel it more all the time, even if you try to ignore it. Why? Because every person who engages in conscious awareness moves the scale nearer to the critical mass. Your efforts matter. You make a difference. You are essential to this era in the human story.

Look into the mirror. See your creator-self there. Remember your infinite nature. Don’t get too worked up or attached to whatever might arise. Love it, and let it go.

Little by little, the distortions will fall away, but you have to do the work, and you should be easier on yourself while you’re doing it.

Solvitur ambulando