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Fringe Magnetics

An extraordinary thing about affirmations is their instant, magnetic pulling and triggering of your genuine, sincere belief about a thing. There’s magic in awareness.

Whatever signals fear, doubt, cynicism, and anxiety, is to be acknowledged with gratitude. That which is introduced to the light can be dismantled, transformed, reconfigured, and transcended.

We can, in every moment, shift our momentum of pure potentiality toward the positive. The same energy that creates want, lack, need, and scarcity, can generate positive flow, desired outcomes, and abundance.

The work (or play, really) is in fully understanding our genuine, core values and beliefs, and in distilling our authentic and deepest needs.

We suffer in the superficiality of life because the ubiquitous, coercive conditioning and programming shifts our focus and attention onto the meaningless, trite, predictable and weak.

It’s excellent that we are seeing through this facade. Our collective soul is crying out for real substance, and we are summoning the wayshowers, the inherent knowing, and escalating the cosmic shift.

How does it feel? Are they merely words, or do you know, without a doubt, that this is so? Consciousness will not let you bullshit yourself. Commit to aligning with your preferred reality, or continue in perpetual victimhood.

There’s truly no-thing to fear, unless you provide it the physicality of your thought, energy, and focus.

The lies of a thousand lifetimes are yours to transmute.

Start with love.

Solvitur ambulando