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Status Quo, Part 2: A State of Things

There are four parts to this mini-series of essays. This is Part 2. To go deeper into these ideas, see Part 1, Part 3, and the “conclusion” in Part 4.

The less dependence you have on the State, as well as their manifest, declared State of Things, the healthier, wealthier, and more peaceful, productive, loving, and naturally wise a human you’ll likely be. But can we operate in any meaningful capacity while practicing strict detachment from All that Apparently Is? For most of us, some kind of external authority informs, disrupts, and intrudes into every aspect of modern life. Is it possible to simply turn it away, shut it down, and turn it off? Can we, and would we want to accept full responsibility for ourselves?

Not likely. Not in any hurry, at least, not without significant and terrifying disruption to our ideas of normality, safety, and security. Not without shaking the foundation of all that generations of relative prosperity and abundance have entrained us into relying upon.

For most, breaking away from government and authority would be nearly impossible. We’re far too entrenched at this point, and our emotional rigor is defunct, being deferred to and utterly at the whim of and defined by extrinsic forces. The mind control maintained via prevailing socio-cultural narrative programming runs deep, which enables the Powers that Be to run roughshod across the realm, taking, stealing, coercing, terrorizing, and strongarming the general population, leaning further and sliding ever more quickly into fascist, socialist, and communist trends. It’s a self-fulfilling spiral of civilizational destruction wherein they employ age-old scripts, making up all sorts of reasons to make up all sorts of fictitious “global” problems and perpetual crises.

The inability to process reality because programmed false beliefs win out over logical analysis is the most basic symptom of being under mind control. We all do it to some extent.

— Jason Christoff

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What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

What is a State? Herein we can explore a dual meaning, wherein a state is both a government, or politically organized society, as well as the condition or stage of our collective human existence.

What are these fake, fraudulent, and fictitious problems, the imposed State of Things? These are but a few of the central ideas and ongoing attacks on humanity at large: Climate change (taxes and inflation and control of movement); Wars and perpetual conflict (controlled demolition of societies, economies, and erasure of cultures, widespread immigration and forced relocation for millions, reallocation of natural resources); Gender ideology and transhumanism (moral erosion, degeneracy, misanthropy, depopulation); Race ideology (social division, disempowerment, and dehumanization); staged pandemics and outbreaks (medical industrial profiteering and tyranny, psychological dependence, isolation).

Could this decades-long manufactured and persistent psychic buildup — fomented by the vast “criminocracy“, technocracy, kleptocracy, cryptocracy, i.e., the Great Reset cult’s manifesto — be leading us toward something that is quite inevitable?

There’s plenty of evidence that societies and civilizations have been “reset” on numerous occasions all throughout human history. Might these controlling forces be intentionally (r)amping up the collective angst, uncertainty, and anxiety, so that as these planned and predetermined events are upon us — wherein much of society (in fact the human species) may yet again be erased, and those who remain are again relegated to a pre/post-industrial world — we will not only invite and accept a return to simpler times, but in fact demand it?

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In Whom Shall We Trust?

What’s so bad about Big Brother? Isn’t it beneficial to have an ever-present, deeply involved, broadly-based, multifaceted service corporation that’s always looking out for us (via increased surveillance and data mining) and taking care of critical infrastructure that keeps our society running smoothly?

That’s what their ages-old political narrative claims anyway, and their advertising arm in the media are paid, or coerced, to perpetuate the story. The stageplay that is parliament, senate, or congress (the left vs. right, red vs. blue, liberal vs. conservative illusion-of-choice dichotomous nonsense) certainly gives the appearance of a real and legitimate government process. Their longstanding and widespread propaganda (indelibly entwined throughout our Industry of Education) seems to have most of us convinced that these lofty ideals are indeed what they’re working hard to achieve.

It’s a lovely concept, but consider this:

Elected politicians are not required to behave in a manner they believe is consistent with the will of their constituents, nor are they required to keep the promises they made to get elected. Rather, politicians once in power are far more influenced by lobbyists, special interests, and their own personal gain. This issue of minimal power in the hands of the people is compounded by the fact that in Western democracies there exists a vast and ever-expanding number of unelected bureaucrats who are responsible for many of the rules and regulations which govern society.

Academy of Ideas

It’s all fiction. Government and the misleading, misrepresented, wildly misunderstood, and heavily abused concept of representative democracy are idealistic notions co-opted by the few who are adept at manipulating the system for their own benefit. In my view, it is criminally fraudulent. Slowly and steadily, over decades and generations, amid manufactured conflicts, innumerable political scandals, and perpetual overblown crises, we are inculcated into the belief that the “elected” members and ministers of Big Gov represent our best interests and are acting accordingly. That’s the big lie.

The proof is only too easy to find if you’re willing to see what is true. And the sooner we reappropriate our ideological and philosophical sovereignty from the State, the more readily we will be able to discern what is fraud from the truth.

Anyone paying attention today cannot have failed to have noticed the way that multinational businesses and financial interests have converged to the point that their ownership can be traced back to a handful of concerns like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street – which themselves appear to be part of the same overall operation.

This same corporate/financial über-entity has also become heavily entwined with – and indeed essentially inseparable from – state bodies and international institutions.

The resulting monster is a self-concealing global public-private governance pulling the strings behind all aspects of our contemporary world.

Paul Cudenec

In reality, the State must constantly generate reasons to pilfer and claim responsibility for resources (whether human, natural, financial, or industrial) to ensure its own existence. This is made manifest as laws, mandates, policies, contracts, offers, agreements, and practices that essentially no one in the general population asked for, and only special interests and well-funded (propagandized, captured, corrupted) activists, NGOs, and corporate lobbyists manufacture, pay for, promote, or support. This cloistered cluster of the delusional and self-important creates perpetual, unnecessary strain, stress, and an unending succession of “problems” for the masses, all in order to present an ostensible legitimacy while conditioning an unwitting populace into lifelong social, financial, spiritual, physical, psychological, and philosophical enslavement.

What’s worse is that in our modern era, governments across the realm are coordinated in this deceptive effort, capturing the minds, bodies, and spirits of billions, all under the same political umbrella, everywhere, all at once. Think of the UN, WHO, WEF, BIS, IMF, etc. All of these groups are unelected, self-sustaining, self-governing, philosophically and politically entangled entities answering only to financial, corporate, and political benefactors, yet they portray and present themselves as caring, concerned, and humanitarian agencies. Nonsense.

True and effective governance (i.e., council or leadership) seems only to exist functionally at a local, tribal, or communal level. It is within this small-scale expression that the system is undeniably for the people, by the people. Anything more inevitably grows uncontrollably and devolves into a less representative and increasingly self-serving monster. It feeds into, and relies upon, certain human psychological and philosophical blindspots and frailties while engendering an increasingly amoral and unethical framework within which evolves widespread corruption.

We, as a culture, as a country, as individuals, as spiritual beings ensconced in our peculiar 3d projection through our sensorium, are staring down our extinction as any of those things. The way through it is discriminative discernment, and reading great works fosters that. Especially in the analog paper versions. You can glean information and a few ideas from videos, but they mostly elicit parroting mockingbirds. Literature inculcates imagination, a higher level of being than logic and emotion. Read for the joy of it, knowing that all our lives depend upon it.

Steve Crimi

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Here We Go Again?

Cultural collapse, or empire collapse, or perhaps reset, is a generational, long-term process that happens time and again. One might suggest that this is the Way of Things in this realm, or perhaps this simulacrum, repeating ad nauseam the same transitory patterns and civilizational builds and resets, in order to glean a formative education of import and utility for… somewhere or someone else? This Grand Illusion certainly doesn’t seem to be of any permanent benefit to us sojourners of the herenow, and our inherent ability to forget is most useful to the masterminds in this place.

As is readily observable throughout surviving recorded history, a predictable, programmable momentum ushers in the erosion of foundational social values, subsuming the morality and spiritual gnosis of those who came before. It effectively and systematically ensures the destruction of the organic social, cultural, and even technological fundaments of those who sacrificed, built (or repurposed) from the ground up, and gave of their lives, resources, and creativity.

The End is The Beginning

Truth is irreducible. This world and our perceived reality will perpetually offer Things for Your Mind in order to occupy your body, heart, and spirit: the ideological trend or agenda of the moment; an anthropocentric blame/attack scheme (e.g., human-caused “climate change,” endless regurgitation of racism, sex, and gender politics); a divisive, fake political campaign played by a cast of paid actors, offering the illusion of choice; hoax, false flag, pre-planned, scripted, or otherwise manufactured events (e.g., conflicts and wars, pandemics and disease outbreaks, market collapses, “natural” disasters, et cetera).

Their toolkit is deep and diverse, encompassing every language, color, culture, or creed. But it is most assuredly built upon nothing of permanence. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to rise from the persistent and debilitating fog. It is in learning to accept and recognize our dependence on the State, their ever-changing narratives, and their mind-control mechanisms of menticide that we are inundated with at all times, everywhere, all at once. Breaking away from the system that relies on our dependence is no small feat, for our beliefs are well-engrained and deep-seated.

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Simplicity is not a goal, but one arrives at simplicity in spite of oneself, as one approaches the real meaning of things.

― Herbert Read

We are squarely in the midst of what many are calling the Revelation of Method, wherein the Hidden Hand is exposed, and the machinations of its seemingly insurmountable stranglehold on humanity are showing its futility. Their efforts are unsustainable, regardless of how the products and services are marketed to the masses, and it reeks of desperation.

But as has been established, we’ve been here before. Perhaps many, many times, especially in this current human epoch of the past 6,000 or so years.

What remains true is that our eminent nature, our real beingness, is never in danger. Perhaps this idea is itself enough for some, as it dispels any transient concerns about “the world” and the innumerable fires these malevolent, ancient arsonists are perpetrating upon us through the affectations of modernity.

Eyes open. Hearts resolved.

Solvitur ambulando