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Status Quo, Part 1: Human Industry

There are four parts to this mini-series of essays. This is Part 1. To go deeper into these ideas, see Part 2, Part 3, and the “conclusion” in Part 4.

I think the handful of us in the truther/seeker audience — as well as those greater in number who are becoming aware of the machinations of concern in the world — would agree the eminent need for a paradigm shift away from aggressive, parasitic, wasteful, and ceaseless industrialism is important, perhaps even essential to our survival as a species, but that it also isn’t ever likely to happen on any mass scale.

It is, of course, a complex issue, and encompasses every avenue, creed, and color of humanity in the modern era. In this essay, I aim to explore and expand upon the crises, concerns, and conflicting forces that are expressed through industrialization.

What Are We Talking About?


Typical characteristics … include a division of labour; cultural rationalization; a factory system and mechanization; the universal application of scientific methods to problem-solving; time discipline and deferred gratification; bureaucracy and administration by rules; and a socially and geographically mobile labour-force.

However, any such list of features is bound to raise the question whether a particular item is the result of industrialism as such, or should be attributed either to the coexistence of capitalism or the fact that capitalist societies were the first to industrialize. Much the same might be said of several other features of modernity which are variously attributed to capitalism or industrialization, including the indefinite expansion of markets, the growth of the money economy and the calculating outlook behind scientific rationalism, and the industrial spirit itself.

Based on the above quote, it appears the idea of “industrialism” can mean something quite different to nearly everyone, based on context. If you lean toward anarchist, libertarian, or maybe even collectivist values, you’re likely anti-industrialism, and thus arguably anti-capitalism. I find these terms are easily interchangeable, or perhaps misrepresented, for the problems — be they cultural, social, political, ideological, spiritual, or philosophical — arising from both capitalism and industrialism are diverse and widespread in our era.

For my purpose herein, I frame industrialism as a rather broad and far-reaching concept that includes most, if not all, of the features noted above, for capitalism has led to the ubiquitous implementation of industrial practices, philosophies, and policies in virtually all aspects of the modern world. In my view, this has physical, metaphysical, spiritual, and psychological implications.

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Build, Build, Build!

The momentum of our shared materialistic world is obscured behind the masked marauder that is “development“. Couching this insatiable capitalist construct in a “sustainable” or “smart” framework is, to me, a laughable joke. Money, money, money is the god of the moment, and it’s a mad, jealous, vicious, malevolent god with an omnifarious dimension and latitude that encompasses all aspects of modern life.

Its influence is felt most aggressively and intrusively via concretized aspects of our society, be it cities, institutions, governments, and even the fading Church. Unfortunately, the effects of this artificial cause, the echoes of market influence, inevitably ripple out into the furthest reaches of our realm, deep into remote villages and communities that would previously exist in an simpler, hardier, artful, and natural equilibrium without it. Capital Industry subsumes colorful and varied cultural narratives into its own stark, commodified, consumptive emptiness, rewriting and remolding reality into a redundant, bland, and exploitable formula.

See, what capitalism does, if you turn it loose, when it isn’t restrained in any real way by any sort of dominant value system — e.g., a religious, or cultural, or social value system — what it does is, it transforms societies into markets, and turns everything and everyone within them into commodities. It strips societies of all other values — i.e., impediments to the free flow of capital — until nothing remains but the marketplace, where exchange value is the only value and nothing has any real value in itself, or any real meaning in itself.

CJ Hopkins

To be sure, our challenge is to accept that the language and framework used in enforcing and imposing corporate influence and control over cultural interests, social policy-making, and governance, will undoubtedly ensure an ever-morphing, broad range of epistemological and structural changes in order to maintain Capital Industry’s menacing omnipotence. It’s a self-sustaining monster.

And what is language but words, symbols, and imagery? We are heavily indoctrinated by the use of story, or narrative, and its visual counterparts. This grand game of manipulation and mind control is built upon word-spell, or word magic. Coupled with synthetic or artificial imagery, it is employed aggressively and ubiquitously in the modern media and screen-centric, gaze- and attention-capturing era:

‘Word-spell’ is exactly what it says. Spells are cast using words. Word-magic has been used since time immemorial … in modern English, [words are] now (mis-)spoken worldwide. Word-spell can take different forms – we’re all familiar with the language of advertising. It can affect a particular word, or the combination of several words… it often conveys something that normal people understand as positive while its actual meaning is very different, if not the opposite of the ‘surface’ meaning. ‘Sustainable development goals’ are a case in point. A very new one is ‘cognitive security’, actually meaning ‘propaganda’.

Enna Reittort

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Discovery and Revelation

Many have become aware of these and other obvious and uncomfortable truths in recent years and decades. The road to awareness is a bumpy, indirect one, to be sure. No doubt the extreme and violent systemic abuse, intrusion, and overreach of governments during the COVID fraud (one of many such events employed to abruptly and permanently shift our reality and our ideas of “normal”) inspired many to take steps to finally and permanently change the direction of their lives.

They had to start asking and finding answers to difficult questions, forced to challenge their complacency and long-held assumptions — all while the State was employing all manner of propaganda and psychological manipulation, sponsored entirely by Big Pharma. Bodily autonomy was challenged. Human connection was severely compromised, transferred, Zoomed, to yet another screen. Businesses were being threatened and forcibly shuttered. Careers and vocations were being exposed for their meaninglessness, as any presumed financial stability or security evaporated.

Critically, this remarkably coordinated, worldwide stageplay had suddenly and swiftly laid bare our utter dependence on capital industrialism, exposed right in front of our eyes, being at once both threatened and systematically remolded in real-time.

For many, this episode of widespread systemic hysteria was a blessing in disguise. All of a sudden, they were shaken awake and forced to examine their values, priorities, and reasons for doing what they had spent so many months, years, and likely dollars invested in doing. They had the time and liminal headspace to delve into deeper learning about their personal struggles, traumas, purposes, and missions. The plandemic may have been entirely fabricated, but it was a catalyst for change unlike anything before or since, and many used the opportunity to completely alter and reshape their lives from the ground up.

Many have since moved off grid, started families au naturel on a homestead, pulled their children out of public schools and started homeschooling, worked diligently to set up small, planned communities, or started afresh and independently, away from most, or all, nonsense, redundant, or merely distracting and life-wasting technology. They’ve decidedly moved away from any dependence on any centralized authority. They know, perhaps, that the world at large can’t be saved from itself.

For others, the intense uncertainty of the time served as yet another reason to see life as futile, hopeless, and meaningless, and that they were ultimately powerless. They were terrified and tormented by the endless stream of psychological manipulation and mind control pumped out by all forms of modern media. Many lives were lost due to suicide and drug overdoses resulting from the isolation, mind-warping, and soul-shattering induced by lockdowns, mandates, and other nonsense restrictions.

Daiga Ellaby – Unsplash

We have an unconscious addiction to the technocratic agenda currently on offer. It perpetuates a slow, steady erosion of morality and a persistent manipulation of our values. This is, I would argue, by design. It pervades our institutions of education, entertainment, medicine, science, the military, food, finance, government, and more. From the moment we emerge at birth, we are enveloped, inculcated, enculturated, and captured by it.

While as a civilization we are seemingly (again) in the midst of a most prosperous era in human history, we are unmistakably conditioned en masse into carrying forward and proliferating the deep-seated lies of fear, scarcity, and lack. And worse, we never get a break, not for any meaningful length of time, before, almost like clockwork, an attack or disruption of some sort is staged.

In this debased modern world we often find ourselves in the dark.

Ours is a society built entirely from artifice and illusion, and so in this labyrinth of lies, this demonic hall of mirrors, it has become extraordinarily difficult to distinguish fact from fake, reality from spin.

Indeed, we have pretty much now arrived at a stage of complete inversion.

The best indication of something or somebody’s integrity is that they are denounced as criminals by the system and the strongest warning sign of misinformation is when a certain proposition is presented as sacred truth, protected from contradiction by a special taboo status.

The question of climate change, and so-called “climate justice”, is a prime example of this.

Paul Cudenec

It is with an unyielding and unnatural force that those who manipulate, guide, and profit from the story of Humanity weaponize our psychology, philosophy, emotionality, biology, and spirituality against us. They repeatedly obscure, obfuscate, or destroy our past and our historical achievements in order to reframe our present and thus remake our future.

Whatever it takes to keep us philosophically detached, ideologically divided, and systematically fractured and distanced from our deepest organic feeling, knowing, and being is justified.

. . .

As an aside, I often wonder if it is we, the true Creator Beings here, who are in essence generating this metaphysical reflection of an “enemy”. It’s an adversary that is never short on ideas with which to keep us cognitively dissonant and suppressed, ontologically ignorant, stumbling along erratically and ineffectively. It keeps us fighting with each other over inaccurate and misleading historical fictions and modern false narratives. It deludes us into poisoning and toxifying our minds and bodies while awaiting the next inevitable crisis that will summon ever more struggle and suffering.

Could it be that this realm is only for us, built by us, to learn lessons from, to gather data, and to manifest positive and generative potentials that may be of use somewhere else? Somewhere beyond this simulacrum? It certainly would explain many a mystery, but inevitably begs some uncomfortable questions… it’s a topic for another discussion.

The Next and Previous Chapters

In recent years, so-called dissidents and “errants” have come to the fore, sharing their extensive research, presenting astonishing evidence that our societies and civilizations are “reset” with an exacting regularity. It could be, therefore, that repeated and inevitable returns to pre-industrial (and/or post-industrial) living standards are part of the Grand Script, seemingly dependent on the region, locale, and extent of any such event.

Evidence is all around us of previous societies, those who presumably built the impressive and timeless architecture that is today rebranded and repurposed, subsumed into our cultures across the realm. Societies buried time and again, erased from our collective memory by the controlling, vampiric aspects among us who revise historical record, invent (in)famous historical characters, alter and distort our perception as to the nature of this reality and our world, and fabricate or reshape paradigm-shifting events — even to the extent of devising calendrics, manufacturing chronologies ex post facto to suit their needs.

So we have these episodes where literature and texted books are being lost over and over and over and over all the time; all the time they’re being lost, so Academia has presented to us this version of history as if it’s fluid and it’s not. What it is is a reconstruction put together by post-reset people over and over and over and over.

— Jason Breshears

It is then we, the common, curious, just-let-us-be man and woman, who unconsciously carry forward in blissful ignorance these fabricated narratives and grand thematic variations. It is understandable, as we are entirely occupied otherwise, busy, and deeply engaged within the ideas of survival, productivity, and making plans.

Why bother questioning the words of authoritative voices or those entrusted with guiding our flock? Why waste our precious energy and limited daylight questioning the myths, mysteries, and fabulous stories regarding the established State of Things? Just go on making a life, earning a living, and keeping your head down. Go along to get along, for anything else would shake the foundation upon which you stand, and that would introduce yet more variables into an already overwhelming formula.

William Recinos – Unsplash

Fortunately, there is an evident, extant organic throughline — a subset of our collective that never buys into it. Those heretics, artists, detectives, researchers, scientists, and rebels that are routinely censored, defamed, belittled, ostracized, imprisoned, or simply executed… those who will forever challenge the status quo, and instigate a renewed curiosity about who and what we really are. This, of course, lends itself to the aforementioned theory that it is we who are ultimately “in charge” of this realm and are here for something other than what it seems to be.

You Are More

The clamorous self-importance of industry, capitalism, and modernity can be all-encompassing, pervasive, and spiritually corrosive, and is no doubt at times overwhelming. Remember that this is by design, and that it is you who has and is the ultimate authority over your creative spark; your thoughts, words, and deeds, what you choose to look at, and how you choose to see it.

There is a reason for your cognitive bias, dissonance, or uncertainty. There is empowerment in your wonder, imagination, aspirations, and incomparable, indomitable spirit. We humans are remarkably industrious, limitless creatives. We’re empathic, loving, naturally harmonizing, unifying, and communal, and we have an inherent capacity for far more genius than we allow ourselves to embody and explore.

The myth says that humanity has been enjoying steady progress for many thousands of years, its capacity for innovation allowing it to invent various means with which to make life richer, safer and more enjoyable. Trying to deny this tendency would therefore be to block human genius, to prevent us from fulfilling our evolutionary potential, from marching on towards our triumphant destiny. And yet the reverse is true. Industrialism does not channel or encourage human genius, it stifles and crushes it. People are reduced to the limited roles they play in its machineries, deprived of autonomy, of the possibility to follow their own consciences, to shape their own lives, to participate in any meaningful way in society. Community as a living organism depends on the sensitivity, intuition, creativity and ethical antennae of the individuals that make up its flesh. Industrial society is a dead thing, a zombie being. Human intelligence, spirit and awareness are paralysed and the population decays into numbed, dead-eyed, dull-witted subservience.

Paul Cudenec

We are more than we have been led to believe; more than Silicon Valley, the Federal Reserve, the Government, the Vatican, or any corporation or concrete jungle can offer; more than any Industrial Complex can ever devise, demonstrate, or deceive us into accepting as to the nature and purpose of this realm.

It behooves us to be ever more awake and aware, while at the same time being less worried and less attached to the perpetual mechanistic noise. We must take the time to reflect, to observe our thoughts, our reasoning, and our rationale rather than simply accepting them, if for no other reason than to engender an inner peace and to know what it is we’re doing here and why.

Solvitur ambulando