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The Second Wave

There’s a lot of talk in the world right now, in September 2020, about a “second wave”. I believe this is yet another wishful, grand distraction, mobilized in an effort to further defer us from acknowledging the more prescient wave, however; the true emergence and infectious nature of what is happening on Earth is better aligned with our collective awakening, and the tsunami force of those tasked with exposing ancient fallacies, and clearing a path for the rest of us are, to me, the real Second Wave.

Growing up, it was evident that many of the truths I was aware of quite young weren’t very broadly accepted nor understood. I couldn’t codify, qualify nor explain them, but they would evolve, clarify and mature as my language and experience and understanding would. Most all of us have experienced this, as people, books, films or other mediums of discovery and gradual revelation have come across our paths in this life. Bit by bit, what was seemingly hidden beneath has been uncovered, affirmed, tried, tested, refined and integrated. Not without significant setbacks, mind you. But with every challenge, the knowing resistance would be emboldened, and thus push and propel us toward further investigation, deeper understanding, examining and exorcising our shadows, and ultimately increasing our psychic resilience. Spirituality, authenticity, soul purpose, raising consciousness, trial by fire, hard lessons, and other buzzwords and largely transitory notions have grown, flowered and proliferated through and by the seeds of truth-and-unity-seeking experimentation and increasingly networked psychosocial activity. What begins within, inevitably mirrors in the world without.

On the societal scale, much of what formed into the “new age” movement was co-opted from this emergent, uplifting, enlightening depth of our inherent knowledge. That was and is perhaps a necessary phase of development to shake out the praise-seeking pretenders, and prophet-seeking dependents from the genuine, surrendered, soul-aligned adepts and peaceful warriors. Today, we’re seeing the next, now generation; we’re better trained, better discerning, less tolerant of superficiality and pleasantry, ideology and tactics of division and separation.  We’re digging in our heels to reclaim, elevate and maintain the truer narrative. We’re better skilled at engaging the original substance, and heart-soul essence of our natural selves.

Hearts and minds are more open, awake, seeking and increasingly aware of what is really going on in the world than ever before. There is fresh boldness, daring, confidence and courage — not to mention the righteous rage toward the sheer enormity of ongoing abuses of human rights and sovereignty. While many existing worldly structures and systems are predictably falling apart and continuing to fail us, this must happen as the momentum is squarely behind changemakers and revolutionary builders of new harmonic paradigms. There is of course a battle to be waged, and we can certainly observe it playing out in the world right now. But those who continue to pursue malevolent and life-suppressing agendas are increasingly desperate, more visible and recognizable than ever, and are ultimately destined to fail. Nevertheless, while there is an upper limit to the dimensional scope of their manifest energy and perception, they are to be respected, as their capability and capacity for destruction are very real, as our own recent history has shown us, repeatedly. What is upon is today is years, decades in the making, yet that which we are will continue to progress beyond long-imposed artifices and barriers of illusion.

Seek truth, and allow it to distill and evolve. Seek love, and allow it to break you open. Seek harmony, and allow it to regenerate and challenge your sensemaking; to inspire the shift that will align you with your natural self. Seek camaraderie with those who will stand beside you against the inevitable waves of fear and unknowing, of apathy and powerlessness, and watch as the world unravels and remodels itself before our eyes.

The Second Wave is upon us. It should prove to be an interesting ride.

Solvitur ambulando