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Rudiments: The Basics of Happiness

As you may know, I am a recording artist who has been writing, composing, and producing my own original music since I was about 16. Today, I am… older. I have a backlog of unfinished projects, albums, and random ideas. I’ve made notes for some cool music videos. There is ample evidence on several hard drives that ideas and inspirations were never in short supply, but the ridiculous amount of time that began to elapse between releasing products and creations into the world has increased significantly. I’m sure many other creators out there can relate.

Do the Work

Do the work. The world may introduce any number of frustrations, distractions, and even a string of victories. We choose to call it a daily…

More Than Mediocre

Look at life as a malleable construct, an ever-willing co-conspirator, that is designed and defined by your intentions, aspirations and deliberate choices. There is unlimited energy here. Mediocre is merely a transient event. Look again.

Elements of Desire

When I was young, maybe about 12 years old, I had a dream of performing my music in front of a sea of people. It was just me under a spotlight, holding a guitar, with a microphone on a stand in front of me. I’m not sure what song I was about to sing, but it felt good to be there.

Why We Write

It feels true to me that we write primarily for ourselves, whether it’s poetry, prose, a script for stage or screen, lyrics for music or text for commercial copy. We are ultimately the ones to satiate and to fulfil; we will read it (repeatedly), listen to it (a lot), or be subject to its repercussions once released out into the world.