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The Best

There are many “best” moments that have come and gone. I try to harbor fewer regrets about anything as I get older. Holding any negativity or judgment toward anything, really, is only ever self-serving and muddies the lucidity of awareness and inspiration. It’s been far too easy to beat the shit out of myself, or to project my fears onto others.

We don’t have time to fester. We are creators, divine and infinite, and we only ever benefit from momentum and forward, expansive movement; wonder, curiosity, excitement, wanderlust. Life’s not a competition, but it is a race.

We’ll miss out on so much that is miraculous and beautiful if we linger in the shadows. Kids grow, bodies age, friends transition and moments pass.

“Love is all you need” was never a truism. It’s lip gloss on cracked, chewed lips, beaten up by endless winds of change, and never stretched enough by genuine, unabashed, tear-inducing smiles and laughter.

We need nothing. We are complete. Our continuance is assured. We will die a thousand deaths, in all aspects of this story, yet take only imprints, notions, and feelings from this place.

Be the love that you are. Shed the layers of constructs, programs, conditions, paradigms, illusions and optional clothing when you’re done with them. Embrace the changes. Widen your tired eyes.

Dive in.

Solvitur ambulando