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A World, A Fire

The headlines are again parroting the end times, as the wildfires of the world apparently burn “out of control”. I’d again like to remind you that a significant number of these fires are caused by people, whether by arson and intent, or by accident. It all echoes events of 2018, drowned out in stories by the specious “human-induced climate change” rubbish.

Some people want to see the world burn. Some want to reset humanity. Some want to make sure you’re absolutely certain that we lowly, dumb, mouth-breathing humans are destroying the planet. Some prefer to call it a plane, or realm. Some are certain that we’re overdue for another civilization-ending cataclysm. Some profit wildly from all human suffering and struggle.

Some do a little research and see repeating, or worsening, patterns in human behavior.

When you can understand that a single blissful child has the capability of making rain (see Dan Winter’s work), using their intention and focus, imagine the cumulative, focused potentiality of millions of “adult” minds, captured by a terror-induced climate narrative.

Imagine the same for so-called outbreaks of magic killer “viruses”.

The principle which allows blissful kids to make rain if they focus is the powerful coherence field — both ultraviolet, microwave — and capacitive of human glandular bliss.

Dan Winter

Corporate and military interests have been actively manipulating the weather for over a century. Do you believe it’s impossible to cause a drought?

Regardless, the greater power, by orders of magnitude, is us.

What kind of reality, what kind of world do you want to be creating, perpetuating, believing in?

Fear porn and mass media fakery are ubiquitous in this era. We must be vigilant and discerning with our hearts and minds, as the parasitic few will always be trying to use them against us.

They say what we see, what they want to be real

~ from the song “Fleshwound

Solvitur ambulando