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If you’re energetically sensitive, and we all are to some degree, you need to be especially discerning of those you keep around you and with whom you choose to spend or share your life energy.

Trust your gut. Heed your intuitions. Practice your energetic processes and learn how your body, mind, and spirit feel, sound, and vibrate. There’s a lot of helpful etheric information available to us.

Though the option for shutting ourselves away or avoiding society completely is sometimes quite appealing, it may not be the best use of our unique skills, talents and abilities.

To live engaged and turned on is to be of service — primarily to ourselves in discovering our authenticity and core values, and thus outwardly to and for the collective, in whatever ways resonate and fulfil our impulses; our artful expression, creativity and natural inclinations.

When we give genuinely, the love is returned, financially and otherwise, and ’round it goes. There is no lack nor scarcity unless we believe it is so. Attune your perceptions.

Side note: as for money, our entire world economy runs on made-up currencies; useful proxies for trade and exchange in lieu of real goods. Governments, Inc., say our currencies have value, are legal forms of tender, but we choose to go along with the illusion. So, don’t let it run your life. Debts are imaginary. You are the unlimited energy source and true eternal resource in this life. If the entire system of money and commerce evaporated tomorrow, who and what are you?

Sometimes it is trauma that fuels our passions, and there are those who will resonate and find healing through our efforts. Again, we will likely attract to ourselves those who operate in a similar, resonant energetic arena; mirrors are essential for our emotional and spiritual growth, so save your judgments for that which in you is revealed in those who enter and leave your life’s path.

Recognize when you may be wallowing for too long in the familiar and safe. Learn, grow, integrate, carry on. Together, or not.

Sometimes jobs or traditional careers will be our road to fulfillment, but almost never. This “job” idea is Industrial Era obsolescence that will fade away as we move into the next phase of our collective story. It’s an unnatural, spirit stifling enslavement that’s well past its due date.

Work as little as possible to support your needs and develop your own business. Pursue entrepreneurship, or “hustles”, based on your joys, passions, interests and niches that you discover through simply living life and paying attention.

There are more and more support structures and dynamic communities now than ever before, all over the globe. Through the internet, emerging blockchain and other technologies, it’s opened up everything to us like never before.

Soon, we should see universal basic income or something akin to it, to further liberate our energies from nonsense, menial labor, and countless unnecessary (bullshit) jobs.

Support the causes you resonate with. You will find like minds and hearts there, too.

And if/when you feel stuck and like you’re going in futile circles, remember that it’s impossible to actually be the same person from one moment to the next, even if it may seem similar. This is a quantum geometric structure that represents billions of permutations per our perceived second.

Every step toward your ideal, your truth, your authentic self, is positive movement. Every tiny realization, lesson, revelation and momentary connection to the infinite creator you really are is saved and recorded in your eternal story.

Trust the momentum and the flow.

You’re alright. Dive in.

Solvitur ambulando