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Scarcity and Lack are Lies

There is plenty of money, food, water, oil, energy, raw materials, arable land, clean air, space, and time. Why do we choose to believe all of the stories, fear porn, and narratives that contradict reality? Never before in recorded history has wealth been so abundant, or general prosperity so widespread. There are more billionaires and millionaires worldwide than ever before. So why are there wars? Why is there any hunger? Why is there an increase in suicide, depression, and addiction? How is it possible that there are homeless people anywhere in the world?


Stop working from the perspective of lack.

There’s a well established undercurrent in the world today that’s based on the mechanics of control and fear — as is anything that fosters feelings of wanting, needing, and separation.

The Allure of Scarcity

Isn’t it interesting how we can sometimes let the game play us? We are conditioned by our surroundings, and Western culture has a somewhat negative bias. Struggle and violence are more heroic than ease, grace, and lightness. The fear of sickness, pain, and death is more acceptable than the joy of living, breathing, and experiencing the complete profundity of every waking moment.