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Stop working from the perspective of lack.

There’s a well established undercurrent in the world today that’s based on the mechanics of control and fear — as is anything that fosters feelings of wanting, needing, and separation.

Ours is to recognize it in the impulse to drag ourselves out of presence into the many varied spirals of imbalance and agitation.

We are part of something greater. We are part of continuance and permanence beyond the transitory constructs we desperately cling to… To engage something more, to feel deeper, to stave off the emptiness of the illusions and fictions we tend to embrace.

Tap into the elements of your being. Listen patiently to your heart and dare to let it go where it yearns to go. Relax the preconceptions and gently follow the river into the lightness.

It’s all here, now. Look again.

Solvitur ambulando