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Audio Version (featuring music by Sergii Pavkin)

Energetic stagnation causes obsessive behavior, similar to escapism. If we limit our options in an egoistic attempt to control, or if we sit in an indecisive haze, we tend to develop blockages that inflame the physical machine.

Everything is energy — a vibration. Our reality is based on movement. Where thoughts can manipulate matter, matter must move. We all know that thoughts never stop. The fluidity of this spacetime never stops. So, when we set up roadblocks, speed bumps, or buffers to manage or wrangle the situation, we introduce resistance, which typically manifests as pain.

The challenge is to trust and be honest, authentic, and vulnerable. We are always aware of our preferred path, our inner calling, our intuitive dreams, desires, and visions for this journey. It’s easy to become bogged down in the mundane and then make excuses — small ones, then more elaborate ones, layer after layer, compounding the dam to the flow.

We can see the results in how we treat others and ourselves. We make up fantastic lies and embellish what little we accomplish. Gratitude is pointless. Fuses shorten, tempers flare up more easily, defensiveness reigns, shoulders hunch up toward the ears, aches and pains appear everywhere, and motivation to perform even the most basic tasks in our routine is depleted. We gradually shut down.

Then we look for solutions, like “power” yoga, a marathon, an affair, or something else extreme. We are desperate to feel alive. Good luck. You are more likely to do cowardly, stupid things or seriously injure yourself if you do not address the underlying tension and its source.

Yet, in an instant, we can get right back into the dance. One small shift can spark new positive momentum, while one giant leap can instantly create a new highway. A universe exists beyond these three-dimensional structures, in the space between, in the ethereal, infinite everything. It only knows yes.

At any moment, we can choose to remember the game. At any time, we can ask ourselves, “What if?” and “What else is possible?” and to re-engage with the mystery. We remember anticipation, excitement, and exhilaration, not knowing how but trusting the process, and taking chances.

We can remember to step confidently, not out of desperation or a lack of resources, but with assured whimsy, curiosity, wide eyes, and a quickened heartbeat. To strive for greatness, not for the tangible, profitable, fleeting, or trite, but for fulfillment, upliftment, completeness, and spirit; for heart and soul.

Desire is destructive to the superficial. On some level, we will never entertain apathy and ennui. Allow the artist to emerge. You are the reason it’s called “conscious co-creation.”

Love your life.

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