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And Tomorrow

Don’t put off for tomorrow that which you’ll wish you’d done today. What’s present is past, and what’s to come is in the vast probabilities.

One of these days will be the last in which you’ll have time to mull it over, worry about something that’ll never happen, and blame anything or anyone for being in the way of your achievements or ambitions—or your joy and fulfilment and whatever you deem important in this lifetime.

We’ve all dealt with far too many variations of guilt and shame, and most of it is from ourselves. We’ve believed for a long time in broken ideas, and have bought in to the rarely accurate prognostications of the loudest voices.

You can sense and see right through the concepts that just don’t hold water anymore. You can feel how the old stories sound strange the more they surface and repeat. You know you’re not who you used to be.

So, take the next step. Follow that exciting impulse. Throw away plans for the sake of unchained experiences and unpredictable, heart-centered growth. Finish the dusty projects, or just forget about them already. The universe, always, is yes.

Solvitur ambulando