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What Bubbles Underneath

I take in a lot of information from a lot of different sources, and I try to remain open to things that aren’t immediately interesting or exciting to learn or hear about or explore — such as contrasting perspectives that feel “off” or otherwise grind against my sensibilities, values, or beliefs.

I want to be useful, and to provide value to the world, so I feel it’s important to allow input, ideas, wisdom, information and experience to all have their place in the plastic stew that is my mind. I also have to heed the feelings, and am vigilant about allowing and acknowledging and accessing my body and my heart’s sense to inform and guide perceptions and perspectives — otherwise, I’m just trying to do what Google does, but without a soul. There’s no point. Data and information are essential, but critical thinking, systems and contextual examination, and emotional discernment color in the rest of the structure and reality construct. Meaningful existence requires elements of the whole recipe.

In that light, as I go through the process of reading, researching, learning, listening, writing, editing, and simply living my life, I can feel something of a grander cohesive energy of understanding that slowly emerges outside and beyond the traditional and adopted narratives that are common and popular. The headlines, trending topics, latest and greatest and scariest stories are generally of elementary and base-level energy. Most people everywhere are worried about and talking about the same things. These concerns are certainly valid, but it’s evident that the vast majority don’t readily consider much of anything beyond the minor bubble reality they live in day-to-day. Invariably, their worldview is dramatically distorted by mainstream narratives and an adopted (force-fed) sensemaking.

What’s also evident is that there is a vast groundswell of activity happening in relatively quiet, persistent, evolving ways that is fundamentally shifting the global narrative. Consciously aware and very intelligent, creative, passionate, community-minded individuals and organizations are working diligently within and outside of the rigid, outmoded, and outgoing world systems. New systems and designs for governance, finance, education, and regenerative practices in agriculture, industry, technology, and commerce are being developed by next-level consciousness all over the world. Many are aware of the need and are intent on bringing about a kind of civilization upgrade — while others are quite sure that much of what we are experiencing around the world in this era is proof of the inevitable and complete collapse of everything.

I can appreciate both sides of the argument, and they’re both valid. But we need to elevate ourselves beyond these mindsets. In a time when it’s all too easy to become polarized and defensive, that, to me, is all the more reason to remain open, flexible, adaptable, growing, learning, and developing personally — be it spiritually, emotionally, philosophically, or psychologically. The way in which we perceive the world is directly translated through our varied filters and conditions and programs. The more we adhere to strict and fixed and rigid guideposts, the more we risk breaking ourselves by them. Undoubtedly, we will develop and live by some sort of reliable (or at least well-practiced) belief system. However, I believe it’s critical to examine our core values and beliefs so that we abort the mission that is determined to propel us all into oblivion.

I am a huge fan of science fiction (Trekkie for life!). What’s always inspired and uplifted me are the progressive, positive, evolved, and enlightened futures envisioned, rather than the dystopian, apocalyptic, humanity-is-doomed narratives. Sure, we’ll always have things to figure out and we’ll fail, stumble, and fall. But, it’s very easy, and very lazy, to predict and assume that it’s all going to hell, should we be left to our own devices. I can’t really comprehend why there’s such a persistently heavy, negative bent that weighs on much of our modern society, when anything and everything beautiful and amazing and life-affirming is possible. If there is indeed an agenda to keep humanity dumb, daft, and ignorant, it has certainly been effective… for millennia. But, it is merely one narrow-minded, disgusting, perverted agenda, and but one possibility in a universe of infinite potentiality.

That’s the truth. That’s what I hold on to. That’s what inspires me to write, explore, re-think, examine, and discover — and to grow as a person and as a man. We have barely begun this leg of our human journey, and it’d be a damn shame if we left our fates in the hands of the emotionally inept, psychologically dysfunctional, ideologically backward; the egomaniacal fundamentalists, politicians, bankers, and the so-called elite. These entities represent the smallest fraction of the greater species. Let’s remember that.

The old world is dying and the old systems are falling apart. This upheaval and cross-cultural, trans-societal reorientation is a critical step in our collective evolution. It’s time now to step up and see with new eyes, and an open heart. Listen, learn, grow, adapt, expand, build communities, build resilience, and build better systems from the ground up.

It’s what you’re here to do and to be a part of. Let it terrify you. Let it inspire you. You don’t have to go far because right in your own back yard, in your office, in your classroom, or on your stage or platform, there are endless opportunities for engagement with people of similar or like minds that would be open (perhaps reluctantly at first) to discuss, debate, define, design, and implement systemic improvements that will benefit us, our children, and the generations beyond them.

Grand designs are incepted with one idea and are propelled, developed, and refined by the authentic, bold, caring and courageous. The more we invite both contrasting and complementary perspectives — with the underpinning of love, unity, and collective betterment — the more swiftly we can move into alignment with that which bubbles underneath.

Solvitur ambulando