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Dancing on the Periphery 

Committing to the unusual, uncommon, or seemingly impractical life can feel like a very weird thing to do. But as you start going down your natural path, daring to enter the arena of your preference, you’ll find very quickly that there are a lot of people in there already!

I don’t mean that they’re necessarily doing exactly what you’re doing, but they will see you. Also, like you, they’re afraid of falling flat on their faces, too. They’re worried about being accepted, understood, respected, supported — being loved, for who they really are.

There is always room (and need) for more disruptors, just like you. Be it in the arts (creative, esoteric, metaphysical, martial, healing, political, design, scientific, you name it) or otherwise, that which is calling to you defines this world’s need for you.

Being of service to your soul’s impulse will invariably improve and elevate the conditions of this reality, easing the transcendental pressures for you, and for those who will follow.

Flow will surely come. Just begin. Heed your heart’s intention and follow your feet. Find gratitude in every step, and let your spirit feel a genuine fulfilment that lies beyond words and conditions.

Be the real you, and show them how to dance.

Solvitur ambulando